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8 hours ago, Widebody.5071 said:

Just being curious has forum moderation changed? I'm noticing some spicy language is slipping by moderation instead of getting the "kitten" treatment. Anyone has a heads up on this?


Widebody.5071 replied to FellFalls.3750's topic in Warrior

If someone find a way to make this work, the next update it'll start all over again with the bitching and moaning from those who think their warrior's too op and need to be retuned to up it's fun value and not be so boring. Never seen so many "skilled players" cry so much about "useless unskilled players" like they do in this game.
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I suspect that with the new release, there have been a lot more forum posts lately, and the moderators are having difficulty keeping up on all of them.

I believe there is some automatic checking for certain words, but manual (moderator) checking for more contextual things, like insulting other players or other topics.


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