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How to get a new player into GW2 with SOTO?

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Hey, my gf and I are exploring MMO options. So far she has played ESO and liked it. I want to see if GW2 might be an even better fit.

However, even as a player with about three level 80 toons (warrior, Ranger, Necromancer...yeah I was a solo player) coming back to GW2 seems overwhelming. 

What is the latest expansion like for new players? I assume I will need to purchase the expansion for us both, but after that is there a character level boost, or do I need to also purchase all the other expansions as well for a new player to get up to speed?  I'm hoping I can purchase SOTO for us both, and she will have a smooth path through the story and leveling? 

What's the process....? 

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SotO is probably the last expansion you want to buy among the existing ones. It does not add any elite specs or crucial new systems to the game and has less content than any previous expansion. Most importantly, an account with only SotO will not have access to any elite specializations. If you don't want to spend much right now, I would recommend only the HoT+PoF bundle as that is a TON of content and huge core systems like gliding, mounts and 2 elite specs per profession for a relatively low price.

1 hour ago, Astewart.8415 said:

is there a character level boost

There is a character level boost for every expansion you can buy separately, so 1 for the HoT+PoF bundle, 1 for EoD, 1 for SotO.

1 hour ago, Astewart.8415 said:

What is the latest expansion like for new players?

Honestly no idea, I was flying over the atlantic right after the release and will only try it this evening myself. For a new player however I would always recommend to first try out core content and only then look to dip into expansion content that is usually more difficult. Depending on how much you and your gf care about story mostly.

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