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redoing Soto story except i have no clue where to go to redo the achievements

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I went thru all of story once and have since repeated steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 and have not seen the yellow icon appear for  "fractal Push" or Assist Mabon" in any of those. They are supposedly in the 2nd act, the problem is i don't know what the second act is?? in my acheevos panel it says 2nd act in my story journal it says steps 1-10. Which story step are these acheevos even in?  been looking all day for them and nothing.

Since there are 10 steps and 3 acts i assumed act 2 was either step 4,5 or 6 but none of them show these achievements. this a bug or bad descriptions of their locations?

I couldn't find this bug forums earlier(didn't exit out far enough in forums) and made another post with more details here:

the funny thing is when i was in open world (not journal like cheevo says) a yellow icon appeared for Fractal Push but then disappeared when i went to do the meta which is what i was hoping that was, but it wasn't. 😞

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I'm not sure what's up with the fractal push achievement, my guess would be it's achievable during the step where you can choose to do the meta event or choose to do other events, but I did both of those options and haven't gotten the achievement.

The Assist Mabon achievement is during the story step in which you can either help the group with Lyhr or the other group with Mabon to push west or east into the tower, that gave me the achievement.

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So at the end of the day 11 hours  later, i finally got the Fractal Push cheevo and not quite sure how.

1 possible reason is like enigmatic.3576 said (on another post), to not fill the (optional) essence  bar and just wait to kill last boss, So basically i sat there for 2 hours ignoring content waiting for the event to pop. and yes there is a timer here https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Skywatch_Archipelago i discovered 1h and 20mins into sitting there waiting for it to pop. 😞

the other possible reason was because there was an update before i started this run, which may have fixed a lot of issues? idk, i didn't think anyone noticed this wasn't working. I just felt like i was in a void of nothingness all day long, with not many answers in map /guild chat or forums reply until about 4 hours ago.

but it's early into xpac, this is what happens:/ just wish this cheevo was described better. because its not really a story instance journal thing its an open world event thing, that you have to start with a story instance to qualify for(you get the little yellow cheevo icon when you leave that instance). This just seems bad the way it is set up.

and for the other one

i finally figured out assist mabon too

Problem was #1 i had no idea where it was! My journal is listed by story steps (1-10) not acts (1-3) as the achievement says. (it's step 6 btw)

Problem #2 was that i kept doing the purple replay instances that you usually do for story achievements, but that's incorrect. You have to do the green instance twice and pick 1 of them the Lhyr or Mabon on your first run thru and then repeat the instance a second time and pick the other one. This all would have been much simpler if i knew those 2 things which i did not. 😞  😞 😞    

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