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Soto is good but need play archivments

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SOTO feels a little different from other xpacs mainly bcs the lost of Elites. Or any other major additions.

So the best way to play Soto is doing the archivments wich also provide extra dialogue and story pieces.

its a smart way from anet to extend the size of the game and without those I m already finish the xpac after a week.

I do still hope anet goes back to new classes or major game  extensions. Ignoring PVP and WVW is a major mistake since those modes give endless content without much investments. One more pvp map and a new WvW Map would had done so much for many players.

Also Legendary armor is the major drive for many but its nothing legendary owners will bother. some will but majority prop not.

about rifts many is said and predictions seems to came true they are repedetive non challanging.

to.finish I advise ppl do archivments to get the full fun out of SOTO.

disclaimer this is just my opinion not a fact.


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