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Hello everyone just wanted to start a statics topic for those that are wanting to knock out whatever it is in game. Its nice to have a lot of the discords that offer this already but often times they are confusing and or you hafta wait and jump through hoops to get into and or create a static on the whim. That is what this forum topic is for.  

Fractal Static
I would like to start a fractal static for all things involved. Such things would include Ad Infinitum advancement to completion, all achieves, CM training. I play at any time of the day or night as I am retired. If this interests you please see me in game @Nero.3108 or here as well. Thanks and I look for ward to hearing  from you. 

Dungeon Static
I would also like to get a dungeon static going for farming  purposes, achievement completion,  collection completion as well. Please hit me up in game or on here @Nero.3108
My play time and availability is OFTEN! I am generally on all day. Retired and nothing better to do with my time, GW2 Is life! 😄




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