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TP "Locked" Filter Not 100% Accurate

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It's a great QoL but I'll note that just now I've discovered it doesn't work completely correctly.  I bought up some cheap items to get skins I don't want to "waste" wardrobe unlock rng on, and thought to check on dyes. As it happens, I am only missing six tradeable dyes (all of the newest set that includes World Ender and Torment).  Repeated attempts with slightly different settings only brings up four of the dyes, though the remaining two are definitely buyable on the TP and can be reached by right clicking on them in my dye panel.  Thus, the TP is not showing me -every- locked item I might want to buy.

On the other hand, at least none of the locked items it displayed were actually unlocked, so it does help narrow down the options.

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