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Some feedback, thoughts and overall feeling about the most recent mesmer buffs


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I never (like never ever) post on this forum but... this last update on the 28th of November brang back a good old spec that was long gone: the chrono tanking - and dammnn I loved chrono tank. That version that has been developed of rifle, inspiration & chaos traitlines is truly amazing: I've been playing it in all sort of content and it just is so much fun, exactly what we expect from a game... Now even though I guess this opinion may differ from one player to another, for me, the support reworks & rifle gameplay are a true win.

So as a first post on this forum, eventually, if some people from anet read this, thank you for bringing back the chronomancer as a tanking/healing spec that actually has its spot in the high-level content (CMs) of our beloved game. Keep up the good work! 

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I think even when Rifle gets released Scepter + Shield and Staff will still be better.

Sheild provides good Protection uptime and Staff provides good source of Aegis, not to mention the new buffed Chaos Aura.


Rifle will be good if you have to heal between boss phases like with Fractal CM 99.

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