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An Elegant Solution to Fix Shortbow


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The problem with shortbow: The skill which triggers the chain reaction does not benefit from the chain reaction bonus. If you place 3 traps, you will only get 2 chain reaction bonuses. If you place 4 traps, you get 3 chain reaction bonuses. In order to get maximum benefit, you need to first place all 4 traps, and then trigger them all at once. This is slow and clunky.

The solution: Allow the pulses from traps to immediately trigger newly placed traps.

For example:

  1. Place trap #1 and trigger it.
  2. Place trap #2. The pulses from trap #1 will immediately cause trap #2 to trigger.
  3. While trap #2 is pulsing, place trap #3. The pulses from trap #2 will immediately cause trap #3 to trigger.
  4. Keep placing new traps near older traps in order to maintain a chain of chain reactions.

If there are multiple traps pulsing at once, the OLDEST trap should take priority when triggering new traps (just like combo fields).

Why this is a good solution:

  1. It reinforces the theme of chain reactions.
  2. Players are incentivised to maintain the chain of chain reactions in order to gain the chain reaction bonus for each trap they place. If the chain of chain reactions ever stops, players would have to restart the chain by manually detonating a new trap. The manually detonated trap would not gain the "chain reaction bonus". Simply put: Players need to keep the chain reactions going in order to keep getting the bonuses.
  3. It makes combat less clunky, because traps can be used when the skill is available and they can be triggered immediately. It also helps to hit moving targets. The current way that shortbow is designed requires you to place multiple traps in the same location in order to trigger a new chain reaction. Shooting multiple traps is slow. The target will have moved away while you're placing those multiple traps.
  4. By causing the OLDEST trap to take priority when triggering new traps, players can choose to amplify the traps' effects depending on the sequence of traps used.

For example: If extra healing is needed, first place down the healing trap, and then shoot multiple traps onto the healing trap while it is pulsing. The newly triggered traps will all be triggered by the healing trap, thus providing many healing chain reaction bonuses.

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You are trying to fix a nuclear catastrophe with a duct tape.
You can make this weapon a little bit less clunky. You can make this weapon a little bit more powerful.
But you can't make this weapon be fun to play. And you can't make this weapon to have a purpose. Because these are conceptual problems which cannot be fixed with simple tweaks.

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