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RL Flask of Tears

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The Flask of Tears is one of the collection rewards for the Ember Bay master collection. It requires you to complete the (in)famous Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle which is considered to be one of the hardest jumping puzzles of the game. Just like most of the hardest content in the game. I left it what it is for a long time as it was above my skill level. But a while later the Aurora legendary accessory was added to the game and this was one of the required steps. This caused me to want to complete the JP even more. After a lot of tries and giving up I found a guide by AyinMaiden and I decided to give it a try that way. Copying her every step. This ultimately allowed me to succeed and collect the vial, filled with the tears my char cried during all of the failed attempts that went before. While useless, I still have the vial in the bank because it symbolized a personal achievement.

Since then, the idea and symbol of the Vial of Tears never really left me. It stands symbol for all the failures I had to go through amongst my personal journey. All the times I got utterly defeated. Destroyed in PvP, yelled at by my team mates. All the times I was too afraid to join a group. All the times that I got kicked from a group because I did something wrong. (I'm not b*tching about the community here. I just played a ton of hours, overall people have been very kind and patient with me and others). It symbolizes all my character went through and the pride of what I have been able to achieve despite of my tears and failures.

In real life, like any other person I have had my ups and downs, my bumpy roads and my tears. I've grown up with autism which has given me substantial challenges in social life and maintaining myself in an ever changing world. But it also blessed me with an iron will and perseverance to give me the drive to achieve long term goals. Last year I discovered that people have made beautiful little crystal/gemstone vials that you can wear as necklace. I immediately thought about my character and his Vial of Tears so I bought one.

Now I always wear it wherever I go. It is filled with a few tears that I cry from time to time because my mother died and I still miss her. It stands for that I can be proud on my journey. Both in-game as IRL. That it did not come easy but that this makes every achievement worthy. And most of all: That I'm still here.


If you want one you can find it at online marketplaces like Etsy and Aliexpress when you search for crystal vial necklace / gemstone vial pendant.

Ty for reading my ramblings about a little known item in game.

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