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Legendary obsidian armor - what is the precursor?

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Hi everyone

Was just wondering if anyone knows what the precursor for the new legendary obsidian armor is, please?  Is it just the arcanum of the armor or does one need to craft those exotics like the Oneiros-spun armor?


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  • TaurusZA.5493 changed the title to Legendary obsidian armor - what is the precursor?

You need the armor you mentionned (oneiros etc ) to end the collection for astral ward pieces allowing you to buy  the arcanum of the correspondant armor piece (the shiny yellow print of an armor piece who only cost  1 Lesser Vision Crystal from Lyrh) , once it's done i think you can throw all the exotics needed for astral ward collection  Astral Bearing, Astral Footprints, Astral Grasp, Astral Heartbeat, Astral Stride and Astral Thought , but i am not 100% sure i just keep those till the enhanced effect of the obsidian armor have shown off to see if i need those.

So you just need to buy those 3 armors once just to allow you to buy the arcanum atm , no need to recraft them for each set of legendary armor.


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