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  1. that's already the case , i play shout reaper and i scream at my enemys "you are all weaklings" and they die out of emotional damage and the few left have so less hp i only need to belch "your soul is mine" to finish off. E-spec is not only equal powercreep , it give you another way to play your class , i didn't remember the introduction to druid being an insane powercreep , nor scourge for the necro who was very underwhelming on release.
  2. I like this much too , jumping around flying like a .... ...yeah that's it ! Contents with high mobility and speed involved are quite fun to me.
  3. For the metor sprinkles i think ppl will most appreciaye something that isn't random , like a metor fall on max 5 target x second (deal x damage to other near target , like 33% in pve and 10% in pvp wvw, because the cleave in wvw would be completely offscale in abus vs bus scenario ) and first hit cc the target , without any damage reduction , just like a base aoe who deals x damage a sec , but with meteor animation. For the rest , staff is designed mainly as a support weapon , fire deal damage and water heal , earth and air are completely useless in both scenarios and are good for nothing ! those two attunements in staff need a complete overhaul to me for just being decent.
  4. For the ranger traduction the most you ll encounter is nature warden , or park ranger , but there is also the military ranger type , like airborne ranger who is mostly specialised in guns and warfare , so having a rifle as ranger does fit if you take the whole definition , but ppl often get the rifle = hunting , no anto poach patrols in Africa who are also a kind of rangers have guns ... for human trash , not for animals.
  5. Have to agree on that, it's more of playing with no coherent stats (and too many defensiv traits) that result in this outcome , but if you reduce the powercreep the actual hardest encounter (being cerus uber cm) will be troublesome , anet seems to lean behind this +-40-44k max dps. i am much more in favor of difficult encounters with a somewhat dps check than for a nerf.
  6. It needs to get rid off energy ! other class have no struggles like that , herald give quickness almost afk (and don't compare energy management from rev to catalyst plz , we all know one has a good design and the other is an absolute clusterf***) and other just press some buttons to give boons. catalyst has to : 1:managed energy. 2:managed cooldown of spheres 3: managed this cluncky non energy load for 5 secs after each sphere launch 4:keep multihit skills to launch when the 5 secs non energy loader is off to quickly fill this tiny bar up to be allowed to launch as many sphere as possible. 5:Look at stacks of EE because it gives you more BD 6:Take an eye exam to guess how many energy you have , is it 19 ot is it 20 ? who knows... And if you play pistol , howdy doo add another lair of complexity ... and for what , better boon uptime ? better dps ? better utilitys ? hell no , nothing of that , a complete mess of an e-spec designed with 2 foots instead 2 hands.
  7. I understand your point , but with pve open world average players staggering at 5k damage/sec it's not a good idea , some open world metas are already hard enough , not because of the content but because of players who press AA and ... that's all , so by nerfing damage you gonna make public convergences an even worse nightmare (even private one , com cannot check if everyone has a decent dps) and the last meta of Nayos a clowfiesta, it's not often but sometimes i play minstrel scourge for rezzing and i see i am in the top 10 dps with arc with 5k damage ... I am largely in favor of additonal lairs of difficulty (like cerus) , but i do agree some classes need some tweaks , like virtuoso being too good at... everything, maybe not in trem of damage but in term of utility. Herald is another one to check , a dps who manage to give more might and fury with 0 BD than a healer with 100% boon duration.... doesn't fit for me.
  8. The most effectiveness in regeneration is just healing output being better , it doens't change a thing if you have solid non regen healing , 7% less strike damage taken for all your group is a unique buff and ele has already access to a sharing frost aura who diminish the strike damage , so i really doubt the passiv 20% more effectiveness on prot. will be shared , it's only the application of prot. that is gonna be shared i think , good enough , it now will allow you to keep aftershock shout for aegis only and not for prot. uptime. Also finally fury source out of air traitline , gosh 5 years htemp players scream for that , ty. the +20% regen effectiveness is accessible to anyone now , you have a relic who does it. But the +10% flat healing is way stronger as it also affect regeneration but only allies not you , but as healer you should be the tankiest of your team anyways. People largely prefer having strong momentum healing than little pick of healing 100% of the time , the 20% regen effectiveness is not amazing and ele has already soothing mist who is largely considered a 2nd regeneration type of healing. But tempest is still missing something for me here , it's better sure , but still far from a chrono , hscg or druid. It lacks strong healing option out of water , and soothing mist should have a greater duration cause the uptime goes between 10 to 6 secs depending ont the time you go out of water , and that sucks , it should be locked at 10 secs in water and the duration going down only when you go out of water. And the most frustrating is water overload who is uper duper strong healing coupled with condi cleanse , but nobody wants to use ot for the +100% attunement reload time... that's sad cause i really like the animation of the bubble and the slow ticks of healing followed with the burst heal. Cannot compete against a chrono and a druid long range healing and has not the amazing toolkit of a scourge , but patches are getting in the right way , maybe few more patches and htemp will be on the edge with other meta healer. Next , overloads boons should be on a 360 range (for fire and earth) then allow us to use alacrity generator with elemental bastion , but like kapenike.6793 said , tempest has now many many ways to have an aura , so maybe nerf a bit the healing output of EB , but till we have no heals during or right away an overlaod i am not playing it , i feel like overloading not in water is gonna leave my team open to fatal blow with not responding with an immediate healing which previous quoted meta healer are very strong at dealing with , the 2.8 secs of overloading on quickness feels like an eternity to me... and not even talking out of quickness who makes me fall asleep , 4 secondes is an eternity in this game ! Still is one the most weakest at aegis and stab uptime of all meta healers.
  9. That's a thing we learned in my guild , we usually help beginners when they reach 80 on some hero 10 points for unlocking quickly an e-spec trough mesmer portals and turtle travelling (we insisted a bit too much to help...) , first they are happy but it ends out they don't stay on the game , maybe not because we rushed them , ... but it's better to ask if help is needed than impose it in some way like we did .... And as many here i don't see how receiving a mini cat helps you stay on the game (probably has neither a positive or a negative effect), i don't like cats anyway , i largely prefer dogs 😛 But if you had your fun doing it , why not . I prefer telling ppl who don't know how to make the most of their classes , many ways to play it efficiently , giving them a fishing rod to catch the fish instead of giving them the fish free without work.
  10. one way to sort that out is to tie your own aura to the healing , like this "receiving an aura heal allies around you" but ofc then they need to nerf the healing output because this + soothing mist improved +100% healing will be busted into passiv healing. but first allow us to use EB with alacrity sharing.
  11. Normally the buff effect on protection is not shared , all traits that increase a single boon are for the player who generate it only , only regeneration effectiveness +20% is apllyed to allys. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Hardy_Conduit stipulated at the end of the page in "Notes". if that was the case trust me chrono would be the number one healer with his empowering alacrity +50% effect shared with allies but i agree with you on bastion of elements , that was the tempest healing trademark and could allow pretty decent healing out of water combined with aura on every end of overloads , good synergy never used again in pve...
  12. Dunno where you find that data but here is mine , looked up on achiev stats from efficiency and the rarest achiev are by far pvp related (not only cunting the 20 step achiev.) when you see raiding strikes etc , people have way more done those , but that doesn't imply i am correct , it doesn't prove 100% endgame pve beat pvp in term of success. But i would gladly know where you find these numbers. I think we all agree that the mainstream is open world pve , while i question myself why does anet make then new strikes , fractals and may probably make a new raid wing ? on the other side pvp updates : 0 ! that's reall notr very marketing wise if pvp has a bigger playrate than endgame pve. And a pvp update really shouldn't be that hard to do , making 50% of a map , then copypaste this on the other half , or make a capture the flag mode ...
  13. Take my skyscale and see if there is not a mcdonald nearby. If not , going straightforward to kaineng eating noodles.
  14. it still break out the stun , but i guess op is speaking of the old version where breaking out of stun give more berserker duration , simply rewarding the synergy , now outrage is just ripping out the bad side of headbutt without any reward.
  15. whole ele is less played than some unique other class e-spec , couldn't agree more, why nerfing something nobody is playing , should it not be te contrary ?
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