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Inspiration: Mental Defense in need of improvement.


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For a master tier trait selection I think this trait already has overlap with temporal enchanter and is not needed with mantra of concentration or Bountiful disillusionment from the chaos line.

Compared to the other options, there is no reason to slot this, especially considering distortion is on a 50 second cooldown (WvW, since it wouldn't be something worth slotting in PvE). 

Please consider creating a new trait selection for this slot. An idea consistent with inspiration:

Phantasmal Detonation: Upon completing an attack, phantasms detonate, applying conditions currently on them to nearby foes. Allies around the mesmer gain barrier.

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I feel a bit lied to on this one. The way they presented it was Distortion breaks stun - thinking every source of distortion would work (Blade Renewal) and I was thinking all sorts of cool ideas of how you can have mimic and blade turn and signet of illusion so you can constantly have a stun break up your sleave, only for them  to release it and just say oh ye no only F4 breaks stun ... I feel your pain, I am getting more and more dissapointed and jaded with every update...

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