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  1. Most of these people don't understand because they haven't played both. I can confirm that druid is currently better than soulbeast overall. Only thing soulbeast has going for it right now after all the nerfs is damage and mobility. I don't think I've lost a single fight against a soulbeast and that's using my Harriers druid with monk runes (literally using my raid gear) with a WvW build (marksmanship/wilderness/druid) with focus on stunlocking/rooting.
  2. Since the websites are already listed, something I would recommend for co-ordinator zerg play is the herald/dwarf build with hammer. Keeps up boons on your sub squad for mobility/protection/damage and upon engage - drops the dwarf road (does good AoE damage on the bomb and provides stability on the path to the bomb for your group). It's pretty weak on its own though, so keep that in mind. Renegade can give out 10 man alacrity which is useful for rams/catapults and speeding up taking objectives outside of lowering cooldowns on your group. For small group or solo roaming
  3. I would take his advice with a grain of salt. Most of his posts have very strange opinions or advice. I remember a post a while back of some curried Herald build for PvE that used hammer and staff with a focus on condi and healing power to boost up Regen ticks. A build so trash you can neither DPS or support with it. It's not even able to adequately support itself. If you browse through the forum you'll find equally garbage advice from him on the Ele forum and other profession forums. His posts are written out well but the logic is flawed - which kind of leads to intelligently written stupid s
  4. I usually agree with all your posts, most of the time I don't even need to comment on a thread because you've already summarized my thoughts and written it down. This here is probably the first time I slightly disagree. Ele has very high damage in theory, as pointed out by mini crinn - against a golem or in ideal conditions the Ele has fantastic DPS. However, Ele has some very glaring issues in group PvE with its meta builds. 1. It's damage is very dependent on your group. Since it outputs none of its own boons required to function at a high DPS level (one could argue
  5. A place I tend to get lots of them is bitterfrost, I recommend doing that area as well - you can also get berries at the same time.. but almost every node I gather gets me peppercorns. I wish mint and cilantro dropped more frequently for me!
  6. It's kind of overly dramatic. I get it, I'm a ranger main too and nerfs suck. Power SLB isn't dead though, it will still have good burst and okay sustained damage post patch. Overall ranger will be more or less the same post patch. Be grateful they made very low impact choices, some other professions are being gutted due to a lack of foresight (i.e. warrior and interactions with resistance).
  7. The best way to fight them is with corrupts/boon removal and CC locking them. If between yourself and your group you can pull that off, they aren't too bad to fight. I can beat them in 1v1 with scourge no problem ONLY if they aren't abusing axe offhand + mallyx leap spamming (it's the only way it can really win against a competent scourge).
  8. 1v1 you can cut the effect of the rune by avoiding the torment application. But it's still pretty strong. This. It's way too tanky for the amount of pressure it brings to the table, particularly in duos. Unless you can pull off consistent ranged pressure à la soulbeast, you're not killing them - even if you outskill the player.It counters soulbeast.
  9. You can't cross compare classes like that. Ranger isn't just better at range and supposed to be weaker in melee. Rangers strength comes from being able to control the distance it fights at and must float between range and melee. This is why in sPvP ranger is not in the meta, smaller spaces with fights centered around objectives that have obstacles that can be used to negate this. Warrior is built as a frontline combatant and naturally has more in combat sustain. Comparing both classes in melee, the warrior will out sustain a ranger in melee regardless of whether it's spellbreaker or not. If y
  10. Kill guards at enemy towers/camps. If you're power reaper you can build full life force off of LF generating skills in 1-2 guards. If you don't want to make swords anywhere you could also go to veteran creature spawn locations - plenty of monsters there and are nearby every spawn location.
  11. Assuming they keep the same approach of using stats and gameplay data, consider zerg gameplay primarily...and preferably ignore all the forum drama, first considering that 2/5 of a zerg is firebrand...2/4 is scrappers and 1/4 is scourge/reapers, the first balance efforts should be directed at that...rest can follow gotta think about the goal for balance. that's a hard one for WvW imo. there are so many differing opinions of how the game should be i would hate to see guardian nerfed in WvW just because it's popular, and to see the entire mode descend into pirate ships and clouds because melee
  12. I used to pugmand, not the typical pugmander who lacks direction, knowledge, ability, or fear of fighting. The biggest problem I find is pugs simply don't follow a commander who doesn't already have a zerg or guild group with them. If I tagged with my guild, I could easily have a large zerg supplemented by pugs.. on my own, sometimes I'd be lucky if 3+ people followed, even with no other tags on maps. Adding to this in general pugs simply don't care about anything other than pressing one to collect loot while you and your guild do all the heavy lifting/pushing.. it makes you understand why we
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