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  1. I have to respectfully disagree. Selling skins to generate profit for a company - which give no purchasable benefit over any freely obtained skin - is not milking the playerbase. Milking the player base would be selling buffs, enhancements, significant gear progression in order to be relevant or compete with other players, subscriptions that offer unfair advantages, etc. If you tried literally any Asian MMO you would truely understand what milking the playerbase is. I can assure you if you spend time in any of them you will understand and appreciate the way their gemst
  2. I'm in the same boat as you man. I ONLY have a medium legendary armor set which I made specifically/only for ranger - this was before the armoury thing. I have nearly every legendary weapon for ranger as well and my long term plans were for runes/sigils etc.. This is all while my favourite aspect of ranger was druid. Then they nerfed it to the point where it was only used as a single slot in raids (which isn't even necessary) and some very niche roaming builds in WvW. The massive nerf to the pet by running druid was at a time when they needed a reason for trade-offs suddenly - yet
  3. I don't like the options for the after the beta spec. I remember voting initially for re-do the whole thing. Right now untamed is too similar in functionality to core ranger. None of the major problems were addressed that will give this a place WvW zerging, main thing being hammers radius on skills is still too small - the leap was nice/needed. They won't re-do the whole spec so we just have to accept the way it is. Warriors bladesworn is in a similar boat where it's elite spec is just giving more of the same thing they already have in a different package. So it's not
  4. I wouldn't suggest Mesmer as an alternative since it's a class that often requires fast inputs (which is why you see many (or more than it used to be) of the complaints regarding Mesmer in the forum's recently - because of the changes mouse clicking low APM players are having a hard time and are unable to adapt to the way it was meant to be played). As someone suggested above necromancer is a good alternative because by design it's meant to absorb hit(s) with shroud. Low APM class with good reward. Not a lot of inputs needed - more favourable to timing your attacks/debilitating yo
  5. Read it again. *Power Bonuses* I don't only use it for cleaving, but when using it primarily for its damage on an enemy group it's not a safe weapon to be casting in during a zerg battle on glass staff elementalist.
  6. You're supposed to double attune to fire for the power bonuses while using meteor on weaver. It doesn't take very long to swap attunements after and cast the CC's needed. The only time you really need to swap during cast is for magnetic aura if you're being focused at range. Like the op said, positioning is everything on staff. The things he said are in line with someone who does play staff. FGS after nerfs AND on a full glass cannon staff elementalist is typically used for clean up. Sounds like you guys are mad that he has found a good use for catalyst and in doing so this somehow
  7. I'm just going to post once here on my thoughts because I'm severely disappointed. I main ranger, I have mained it since this games release - I have made many legendaries including a full armor set for it. I loved core and druid - but they overnerfed druid (making it really only useful as a single spot healer in raids OR some very niche builds in WvW; i.e. smallscale or immob spam) and made soulbeast the best spec for roaming in WvW and PvE content. I only played soulbeast because it was the most effective of the specs.. but I was really banking on this expansion to provide somethi
  8. Yeah, I have to agree that the sword changes (while it made it easier to use for beginners) took away its strength/use for PvP. I haven't used sword since the changes which is unfortunate. More so then the skill changes they need to improve the auto attack, maybe adding on poison or something of value. It's a defensive weapon set that offers nothing in the way of damag, which can't trade with any other weapon set in the game (try it out) and you have to end up relying on your offhand which have long cooldowns. Just my two cents.
  9. After experimenting with the Vindicator these are some of findings on what I liked and didn't like: On the positive: I really liked the new dodge (it needs some improvements on the speed/effectiveness). I liked the theme of having archemorous and saint Viktor. Greatswords function was great, as a power only weapon it lacks and is underwhelming but I found its best usage on hybrid. Greatswords eliminated the necessity for staff and allowing for a set that can both DPS and defend. The overall mobility of Vindicator allowed to create builds that weren't reliant on Shiro as well. The f
  10. As someone who has mained ranger since launch and played druid in all high end PvE content, WvW, and sPvP - I recommend learning druid through strikes and raids at the moment. Druid is not needed in T1 nor is it needed in T4. It's heals are gated by celestial avatar, DPS is low, and it brings nothing useful to the table. It's also highly dependent on receiving alacrity. What this will translate to in T4's is slower runs at best, constant wipes at worst. For ranger, something I'd highly recommend for T4's+ is condi soulbeast. DPS is pretty good, it brings useful buffs a
  11. I'd like to see a Skale pet. High Crit, self Regen, stealth + teleport to target with AoE damage. The F2 skill being something useful as well. I think it would be a great pet for PvP and PvE even though it's pretty basic.
  12. Most of these people don't understand because they haven't played both. I can confirm that druid is currently better than soulbeast overall. Only thing soulbeast has going for it right now after all the nerfs is damage and mobility. I don't think I've lost a single fight against a soulbeast and that's using my Harriers druid with monk runes (literally using my raid gear) with a WvW build (marksmanship/wilderness/druid) with focus on stunlocking/rooting.
  13. Since the websites are already listed, something I would recommend for co-ordinator zerg play is the herald/dwarf build with hammer. Keeps up boons on your sub squad for mobility/protection/damage and upon engage - drops the dwarf road (does good AoE damage on the bomb and provides stability on the path to the bomb for your group). It's pretty weak on its own though, so keep that in mind. Renegade can give out 10 man alacrity which is useful for rams/catapults and speeding up taking objectives outside of lowering cooldowns on your group. For small group or solo roaming
  14. I would take his advice with a grain of salt. Most of his posts have very strange opinions or advice. I remember a post a while back of some curried Herald build for PvE that used hammer and staff with a focus on condi and healing power to boost up Regen ticks. A build so trash you can neither DPS or support with it. It's not even able to adequately support itself. If you browse through the forum you'll find equally garbage advice from him on the Ele forum and other profession forums. His posts are written out well but the logic is flawed - which kind of leads to intelligently written stupid s
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