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Lightning elementalist pistol skill #3 + Action camera mode = TERRIBLE

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Aside from the fact that Elementalist pistol skills in general do the damage equivalent of throwing pebbles at the enemies... the lightning 3 skill - the dash is annoying as hell to use with action camera turned on.. 

WHY is it a ground targetting skill? In action camera mode, if you want to evade backwards, you have to spin your camera around 180°.

God have mercy on you if you happen to have "Snap ground targetting to current target" turned on..  because the pistol dash will snap to your enemy and get you killed.

It should behave like the dodge, and go in the direction of the movement keys. I've never once wanted to use this skill to dodge into the enemy. Either remove the ground targetting and make it go in the direction of your WASD.... or just make it always evade backwards like the sword 3 skill in water attunement.


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2 hours ago, bluberblasen.9684 said:

Skill 3 is a stupid skill in general... Not only on action camera.

Just give this skill 600 er leap (100% chance leap finisher)  + aegis.


I say if your going to make it an 1 leap adding in ammo to the skill would be nice. The doable leap is very important to why the pistol has better utility then main hand dagger.

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