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  1. update: new day new luck. everything is running like nothing happens 🙂
  2. Hey I had to reset my passwort from my second account because SMS authenticator failed ( got new ip from my isp ) and now i never received a mail from Anet to reset my passwort. i think i need some help 🙂
  3. It's not bonkers It's <only> op like kitten but when you read this forum people here think it's Okey or <balanced> so it will never nerfed to death. Harbinger and specter need big nerfs in wvw. Harbinger elite needs 240 cooldown and reduce damage and buffs by ~90%
  4. Most elem skills are overnerfed. Fire great sword was the best damage tool on the game, you could abuse it to deal 100 times the damage it was intended. Frost bow 4 was to high damage you could kill all pillars alone in the dungeons ( was nerfed 2014) long before raids were added to the game. Staff was the zerg bomb in wvw, back in the old days we used 10 or more staff elem to kill the "melee train" long before every one played pirate ship with 10 necros ++ Dagger skills all over nerfed in the last years (the last balanced patch reverted some of the nerfs after 8 yea
  5. i think its one of the hardest builds(for me its the hardest elem playstyle) very impressive gameplay 😊
  6. The new elite spec needs to have self applying (perma) * stealth * alacrity *barrier *fury * with 1 click 25 might * give elem 10 k extra life * second life bar or a third life bar * we need at least 5 * 1200 range teleports On enemy we can perma apply * torment stacks (*25) *perma blind * have at least 10 boon removes * can perma slow them * can perma stun them or at least 10 seconds immobilize them ( pulsing every second so cleansing is impossible) We need range to 1500 and at least 5 gap closers with 90
  7. I prefer a smoke field too Stealth would help elem to stay alive. Or give elem finally the medium health pool ( or rebalance all life pools)... I still want the sphere radius increased to 360 or 480 range.. And additional give the field some conditions on enemies like burning in fire, cripple and bleed in earth, vulnerability and chill in water, slow and weakness in air. And my old topic give lightning whip it's old range (300) back. ( the reason for this nerf was that that skills follow the 60 * x rule) but 300 was already a 60*x rule 😭😢
  8. I think we could use chairs..I remember the driving chair had 1 hp and I died to a random attack 😢
  9. They never left the beta, late alpha status. 😢
  10. For years it was 100 ( but only for one character) Later they changed it to account bond and increased the cost to 300. I got mine for 100 gold. 💪😘
  11. Na it's working like the last 10 ( 9 years) Using it every day ( sometimes doubled with the elite skill)
  12. Just make more advertisements to wvw. * give wvw some shiny infusion (not tradeable) * give us super shiny skins for rams, catapults, arrow carts and so on. ( some tradeable some that you get by playing for a ( very) long time. * change the ticket system ( diamond chest at the start not at the end) so more people could play for an hour every day instead of never play this game mode. * make more pve missions that use wvw mechanics, so some people could love that and come to wvw to try it in real mode. * Increase the rewards for solo / small scale that you no need a bi
  13. Sorry bro or sis, Dual dagger elem was never over powered. It was the conditions patch 2015 March until July '15 what makes it over powered for only 3 or 4 month. Than anet nerfed the kitten out of elem... But they never realized that it was the stupid conditions change not the elem. And than elem was years mid level until Weaver was important.. And again anet nerfed the kitten out of Weaver instead reverting the 2015 conditions patch. And this was all before the celestial buff patch. It's not the new all Stat celestial what makes classes op its the
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