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  1. I don't play pve But Whats the problem that ele has one easy good build? Just don't nerf anything... πŸ€’
  2. I know no one is reading this, and especially Anet is not but ... Can we after 13 years finally get every class some decent detection skills ? Because there is no counter to stealth in this game - everyone would agree that stealth is op apart from teefs and some mesmers and rangers. Ok Thank You !
  3. Necro Why? Good for every part in pve Good in every part in wvw ( zerg and roaming) Good in pvp Easy to play but strong in gosu hands
  4. Na ele are fine.. When we remove teef we can discuss removing cele as well ☺️
  5. We can remove teef, so no ones is crying about op ele anymore (+ no one is crying about cele stats anymore)
  6. Can confirm too, it's bugged. Its a random skill now. ( 50% it fails) It should be trigger the first field and when no other field is there it should trigger itself (area frost aura) Now sometimes it triggers the first field, sometimes it triggers frost aura and sometimes it does nothing
  7. After trying old dagger dagger ele (catalyst) in wvw, main hand dagger finally feels like the old times (2012 - 2014) After so many years I'm happy with the buffs. Now we only need the old range from air dagger 1 and the buffed lightning flash πŸ˜‰
  8. at least the bugs want to get old servers back πŸ™‚
  9. I'm pretty sure it has at least 1 detection skill and a smoke field And it is for sure 1200 range 5 targets. And pretty sure it is a fast weapon that makes fun and has no 'inbuilt' minigame like the other weapons. 10/10 thank you Anet! ☺️
  10. i see the stealth in rangers spear, thank you i hate it dont bring this kitten into competitive we dont need any more kind of stealth. thank you
  11. I take every ele buffs but in earth line should be toughness not vitality πŸ˜‰ Vitality in water is the correct element. Power and burn = fire Precision ( fury/ ferosity) = air Vitality ( healing power) = water Toughness ( bleeding / condi damage) = earth Concentration = arcane
  12. There are 1 one or two ways of fixing pistol in wvwv ( pvp) 1. Increase travel speed for bullets 2. Remove that bubble mechanic 3. Change skills to some more useful 4. Make air skill 3 a real leap ( escape) and not this stupid whatever it is.. 5. Give pistol a smoke field because why not? 6. Give Pistole at least 1 dedection skill 7. Make skills target cap 3 ( 5) instead of 1. = fixed πŸ˜‰
  13. Now they need to fix the utility skills (in wvw and pvp) Lightning flash : 900 range - >1200 range (+ gimmick) Earth armor: 1 target - > 5 targets Fgs: cooldown 180 -> 60
  14. Elementalists changes: [...] πŸ€—
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