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  1. Every thing is kind of pushed to support as just doing dps and just being an tank (and being an cc class) is not enofe to fill an class roll. At least eng can do very good dmg on its "support-tankly" version. Scraper seems to be in a good place for support all be it on an 240 ranges an kind of issues in group play. I love to see real cc OR support chose in builds for every thing in gw2 maybe though relic and sigilges that changes your effects?
  2. They just need an 5-10 sec cd after you swap out of them and every thing would be fixed about them.
  3. The fire / earth duel skill can be reflected (a realty issues for staff on weaver) but the lava font skill appears on the ground its an non projectiles.
  4. Just make dmg skills worthless with out scaling into power dmg so cele power will simply not be enofe to make the dmg worth it. There a lot of skills that do too much base effects gear combos should have an much better effect and nothing should get an free ride (that hp and def too!)
  5. NPC with healing and buff support would be kind of fun but it will make solo caps a lot harder.
  6. A lot of though relic are base off of bombs meta not consist boon strip. Sadly the sigil of absorption is hard counter by stab making it kind of pointless most of the time. I want to see more spam-able boon strip from relics and sigil that only need to have though given tools on and not some other effect to trigger them. If your elite skills are on a long cd elite skill base relics become worst. Also having to hard cc means some classes are better at using absorption then others and the stab issues.
  7. Adding in more relic and sigile that counter boons would go a long way to dealing with boon ball. They are high cost slots that are non classes related and will enable non boon spam classes such as mez to become part of the current meta. Even after the years of nerfs to though classes for boon strip they are still highly wanted because they are the only means of boon strip in any real way.
  8. At least most classes are being used now then before though that always subject to changes. The game needs more un-class related boon strip for sure just throwing all of the boon hate on 2-3 classes is not going to fix any thing.
  9. Its a very different way of looking at arcane though i still think arcane fits on the air line better then the arcane line and glyph fits better on the arcane line. I still want arcane to be an counter sustain (boon strip and maybe more dmg vs target that just healed.) Might on overload in wvw seems kind of an wait it should be vigor it would let the ele play into that evasion support that tempest kind of has but has never really worked out.
  10. I am hoping there no cast time to combo it with burning speed. Like the old light flash burning speed combo but a LOT better.
  11. Alacrity was an nice utility boon but it dose messed up the cd balancing for skill. Quickness mostly messes up tells and auto attk like skills balancing (keep in mind anet has removed a lot of quickness from the game so this may fit over all.) So maybe this will be better but i do question removing boon strip from one class with out adding it to another or at least adding in and/or buffing relic / sigil that also boon strip. We need dedicated relic to boon strip beyond elite bomb more on the lines of consistent boon strip that will also hit though stab spam.
  12. Very few ran alactrity tempest most of the time and i guess some ppl ran fire wizard build in wvw they are now being removed from wvw but melee ele got an massive buff over all as well as support tempest (it may end up being the best healing support in the game after this coming update.) Arcain buffs are going to be very fun to build with.
  13. A few builds got comply removed (fire wizard and alacrity tempest) but a lot of other builds got some massive buffs in the coming update. Arcane wave alone is kind of crazy buff but getting stab on trigger arcane shield is going to be such fun.
  14. There where a lot of added effects that did not show up on the wording of the skills and it was very unclear if the added effect only trigger on ammo or not. Some things look like they only combo with ammo but often they would combo with out. Things like that.
  15. I hope they fix the bugs or say what the skill can do better then the way it worked/was reading in the beta. A lot of pistol skills did a LOT more then what they where reading and it was not clear what added effect the ammo gave vs what the skill simply had build in with out the ammo. The pistol from the beta if it was not bugged but just badly worded was very powerful but a LOT of bad ui. OR it was super bugged and very week a realty bad bate and switch set up.
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