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  1. I for one want a few things for hp / def balancing in this game. I like to see it stadizes as down state is base off of the classes hp so by having higher classes hp you simply live longer in down state. It also lets other classes build more aggressive with out giving up the ability to stay alive. I would also take higher power / cirts rate for being a class much like there is a different between classes hp /armor. There is an argument about skills do this by there mods but often ele is locked to a wepon set that has very set in stone mods to balance the class where other classes can chos
  2. Well you cant blast for alacrity and quickness like you can blast for might so these boons are on an different level of limitation of use but the classes who can use them get nearly perms effect of them both support and self. My suggestion would be to at the very least make them wepon skill use only they should not effect utility or class skills. At least then you get away from most of the looping effects of the boon them self effecting the means of generating the boon. I for one do not like how the game both pve and pvp have shifted into all boons must be pema its bad balancing for
  3. So things like quickness are massive modfirers to numbers as well as utility such as slow root are modfiers to def and attk that all go well and beyond what numbers you can preform as a class. Even unblockable effects and over all counter midagastion (boon strip poison) effects are beyond any thing anet can do with small update to numbers. The lack of these effects have always been a massive flaw and draw back to the ele class more so then low hp and low def.
  4. Its not a numbers thing its anet just simply limiting what ele can do as a class with the lack of effect even though it should have all of the effects in the game because its the jack of all trades class. The only thing that is ele only is the lack of effects. With the new balancing mind set of classes needing aggressive support to support with out a strong boon or utility ele even as a pure numbers class falls way behind. Also all ele are jadded!
  5. The hammer or even the ranged of that hammer is not the problem its anet fear of giving ele a viable class that is more then just "big numbers" see weaver for dmg numbers and see tempest for healing numbers. There is a real resistances to giving ele classes utility effects like all other classes have. And its starting to feel like the classes are being balanced for these utility effect being on them at all times quickness, alacrity even condi types on the mob as well. Things that ele just cant do on its own effectively.
  6. Sadly you cant have both the 20% effect and the stab auras. Cata for being a bruizer class needs barrier a lot like weaver (oddly ppl though the weaver was going to be the bruizer class). As for dps the big vs small size mobs dominates the class too much more then just cata maybe we should let cata orb speed and size of rotation become smaller or larger base off of point of duration. So the shoter the time left on the orb duration the wider and slower the speed. Maybe with a means to revires such as effect starting the orb far and slow but comes in close and speeds up.
  7. Conja wepons! MAHAHAH the suffering goes on.
  8. Meh i guess just feels odd to post on these forms yet not be able to log in game. At the very least i though you could get an support ticket going form the forms to point out an error made. But that may all just be another way to make one self feel better when dealing with something like this happening to them (the minnly game of getting back into gw2.)
  9. Def and hp means a lot more in big combat then 1v1 as in big combat your going to get burst from more then one player meaning you need something to just keep you alive enofe to be healed by your support. In 1v1 combat you need to live though one person burst but you need to be able to over come the other person healing. Ele has the lack of counter dmg mitigation unlike most classes in the game (i guess cata getting unblockables but only for 5 sec and a very hard effect to trigger) so ele has to do a lot more work to deal with players ability to stay alive then most classes. Toughness mean
  10. Anet should of went with an "orb" head hammer where ele "swings" the hammer and the orb head flys and dose an magic attk. I guess they could of make it an orb like image but the hammer stays in-tacked but the "class" wepon would be a lot like the added Comet Hammer from the Gem store but more ele like. I am not sure how you would do that with a GS other then the blade is thrown at targets just dose not feel ele like more memzer or even necro to throw a blade ele should be more about an impacted. Now only if we could get the hammer to feel much more impactful in both dmg and utility (as we
  11. Show me a d/d weaver build! Scepter always feels lacking vs more then one target dagger main hand on weaver has some real power behind it and it has good 5 target aoe so it "can" fit in a bigger group as a melee bomb burst. With the barrier that weaver gets its far more able to go dmg builds then say a tempest or core ele (more then likely cata as well).
  12. I think the "free" hp you get from +20% to all should be enofe to keep you alive most of the time but maybe throwing in some vit in there should help. I kind of wish runes of the vamp. was a "higher dmg buff on kill" and not a 1k heal most of the time. The builder web page seems a bit off for the +% effect for cata so i would not go all in on builds yet.
  13. I think they got me with WTFast i think. Main thing is how can you post on these forms but not long into to make an support ticket it seems like an over sight on anet end. Not sure if putting your request number helps but here it goes 8372134 also missed a night of reset for wvw because of this very much a let down.
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