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  1. The meta sadly has not changed in a real way even after major updates they just simply become more meta only and less room for off meta. But ya we need to have big updates at least ever 6 months if not sooner and going 3 years with out a major update is unforgivable. Even after the update was suggested to have real update after the fact to deal with place holder "nerfs" such as hard cc doing low dmg but keeping there same cd or passive trait all getting 300 sec with no real update to the passive effect OR making all self stab effects 60 sec cd with out any real update (for some reason mak
  2. Its a shame you could not have a "support" version of the orb where you could put it on one of your team mates to give them the buff of the orb and have an dps effect though use of them as your center of aoe.
  3. I think the ideal is to give the core ele something that the elite spec do not have witch right now the elite spec are just an core ele +. Asking for a trade off can be (if they class has nothing to start with) a means of buffing.
  4. I played mostly catalyst and i guess anet thinks i liked / played mostly the mezmer one. Wvw beta only here played no pve that i can think of.
  5. Chill destroys it and it can only some what bust clear. So apply your condi you want and cover it with other condis.
  6. They realy should of added in more combo effects for catalyes to make it a bit more its own class at the same time they need to add more to core ele to make its own classes as well.
  7. Core ele should just get the "full" effect of atument trait lines all of the time not just when your in the right atument. The elite spec. should need to be in the right atument to get that atument trait line effect.
  8. Please i miss old core ele staff game play so much!
  9. It kind of is if every thing in the game uses magic the say the Winds of Disenchantment is a spell. Its just there a real brake down in a skill and a spell in this game where you cant tell the differences of an wepon base skill much as the longer time use for a wepon attk vs a spell casting of Winds of Disenchantment. GW2 is split into 3 categories. Soldier, Adventurer, and Scholar seeming every one even anet forgot what that means. Scholar should be the "mage" of the game but they have much like Adventurer been all made into Soldiers though power creep and a real lack of spell-casting ad
  10. Long skill use classes often is what seen as casting and being able to stop that casting often is seen as counter casting. There just no good variation on casting with "magic" and skill use with a wepon.
  11. There is a real lack of magic in this game at best your "casters" are just ranged dps classes but there no real "magic" behind it more of just rangers with "magic" animations. Your more mage like skills are more mid ranged and on far tankly classes like necor and mezmer. Its like trying to be a "mage" support you can make a glassly healing class but it never will out do a tankly support classes because anet did not think risk reward for support and boon though well enofe.
  12. Or at least let what ele has to work with its aoe. Its kind of silly that ele has charge on target hit when there are systems for eating up charges per aoe attk (not the targets hit). Its as if anet forgot that ele is an aoe class to start with. Eye of the storm needs to clear movement effects a full reset for ppl soft / hard cc. A cdr per targets that you brake stun/ clear movement condis would fit well. (ele cant have nice things so we will never see a real update to it.)
  13. @Swagg.9236 "Skills and traits that grant the unblockable status now use a unified effect. This effect is intensity stacking, and stacks are lost whenever attacks hit or miss. Single strikes that hit multiple foes only consume 1 stack. Skills that grant the unblockable status for a duration have been updated to use a number of stacks instead." This was what i was hopping they would do to a lot of ele charge on skill effects. Make them consume 1 stack of there effect per attk even if they are aoe. Being unblockable is much stronger then say GoEP effect and maybe even stronger then arc
  14. Why not split it and just go for an in place knock up or knock down like ele earthquake?
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