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  1. But why not go chorn the mez support class elite spec.? A lot feels lost in balancing that they gave these 2 non support classes the strongest support boon in the game.
  2. It realty should copy all aggressive boons quickness and maybe alacrity and i guess vigor could be seen as some what aggressive too.
  3. Wvw balancing is kind of a mess after the super speed update.
  4. All core classes need there own effect that you cant get when in the eleit spec. a slight debuff or buff to one effect or another is not enofe. As well as chaning how you do things is NOT enofe different if the thing your doing is the same.
  5. The ability to make them perma effect apples too much buff in all game types making it broken for both classes.
  6. Well ya but team support is not the same as self sustain i would love to see weaver giving other ppl barrier though say a stance shair or give other barriers when using a dule skill. But that being said weaver is a stronger group support then core ele and in some ways stronger then tempest (better stab support if that was a thing for ele 1 stack of stab on a 2 sec duration on earth swap lol). Weaver having healing power and out going healing (from its elite skill) dose not fit the weaver trait line its just pure power creep. If any thing these effect should be on the arcain line fo
  7. The weaver line is an sustain and dps line. What it comes down to is how strong arcain line is vs tempest vs weaver line. You could go water earth arcain but your still not more able to sustain then say weaver water earth or tempest water earth. The weaver line is soo much stronger then any thing on core and tempest you can get away with running it with just one sustain line or no sustain line. I wish they would give arcain shield 2 ammo or maybe signet of air or armor of earth even overlodes do not match twist of fate stun brake and super speed AND posable barrier x 2 (rune and tr
  8. There even a rune set that give you the shocking aura on heal! There also use to be a rune set that gave you light aura it was so nice and it would be realty nice after the boon update for ele to have light aura on heal. Aura transmutation needs to be the ele thing and it needs to have more traits tide to it then just clear condis. Aura transmutation needs to be more of an thing for the ele class then on apply auras. I want to see each on apply aura effect to get an added transmutation effect. Earth would get aoe protection or aoe barrier or aoe stab, Water would be big
  9. Its on top of so yes it is better there no chose for core and tempest they only get the heal. Weaver still gets that 3k + heal.
  10. Sadly that is better then most effect for self healing effects and it all adds up. The fact that weaver get it in the first places is power creep there no good reason for it at all. Also barrier is stronger then healing your always better stopping dmg then healing dmg after the fact you cant heal when your at 0 hp but you can at 1.
  11. Your mixing up what i am saying i am saying healing power effects your healing effects and your barrier not that the effect it self is giving you 240 healing power (doble of the 120 healing point it gives you). This means 1 point of healing power on weaver is both an + to healing effects AND the barrier the classes makes for it self. Tempest and core ele realty dose not have this effect. That has more to do with other classes sustain superspeed IS a type of sustain or being able to avoed big hits like that.
  12. Do we know what they are going off of? Wvw is the best point of view to come from as every effect in the game works and you have much more of an chose then say spvp. Spvp is close to being a good point of balance but there a lot less chose and connection to pve. Weaver has more healing power in water atument then tempest and core ele it also gets more from healing power. Barrier and healing are both effected by healing power so in a way its doble effected AND simple more of it on the class. Elemental Polyphony https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Elemental_Polyp
  13. At some point you got to look beyond your bubble of content and think about ALL content. Any way if your going for max min in pve your already coved by an support class so self sustain is pointless. Weaver also gets free 120 vit from being in earth atument too something tempest nor core ele gets. That the thing about weaver its pure power creep it has more dmg + then fire and air lines it has more healing power then water line and more def then earth line in some ways it even has more utility then arcain line. Tempest may have a bit better support then water line but its only just
  14. That where a real f5 could come into play for core ele being able to detonate any aura on you dark chaos and light as well as adding in an poison aura and shadow aura. With out an aura the F5 would simply give you the aura of your curent atument. But this all needs to be a core ele only effect.
  15. I should of added this first: Sustain is any thing that prevents dmg or lets you live longer during combat. So any heal condi clear dmg -% soft hard cc as well as evasion and even means of counter boons (striping might from some one IS a type of sustain in combat). I am more talking about with in ele vs ele elite spec. there are for sure other classes that have a lot more sustain then ele. Most of the weapons set weaver has has a healing skill as well as having more healing power when in water for free. As well as having a set of skill dule skill that give barrier. Ther
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