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"Network Error" trying to join fractal with party members from different region

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I'm currently feeling some frustration because it feels like I'm locked out of doing fractal rush today, when I was not yesterday.

I tried to set up a party for fractals on the NA server with a friend in my country (SEA region). Both of us were able to join the same lobby and interact, however, when people from the US tried to join our LFG, they were unable to come into the fractal lobby due to a "network error". We attempted to leave the fractal lobby and allow the US players to start the fractal, but then we were in turn unable to join them fractal due to a "network error" which both of us received.

We both tried restarting our clients, but still received a network error when we tried to join the US players.

If it helps with diagnosing the issue - the same two of us were able to play just fine this same time yesterday with US players. We have always played on the NA server without this issue. As a symptom, our chat messages took a long time to show up on the chat pane after sending, even though the chat pane updated with texts from the US players.

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