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Please allow Siphon to revive again!


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Hey ANet, dunno if you guys read these posts. But I really miss there being a way to target-revive with Siphon 🙁

Would you please look into a way to spec for it again? Perhaps through one of the lesser-used traits, like Shallow Grave? It even works thematically with that trait 😁

From what I've seen, Specter is a tad under-tuned compared to most other defensive supports, and Thief's only revive is Shadow Refuge which is pretty meh (and its description is still missing this part), so I'd imagine a small buff like a targeted revive wouldn't hurt.

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I really miss the old shadestep with old sanctuary runes effect to spread rot wallow venom in a group while focussing on healing, it made plaguedoctor builds at least contribute something to DPS while keeping everyone on their feet though barrier and targeted revives. I haven't really run specter since that was removed, it generally feels a lot weaker and less fun now. There's builds that peeps from EcK have made that work, but it's not the same for me lol. 

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