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Dagger 3 in end game PvE


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Make thief dual dagger skill 3 Death Blossom work similar way as Weaver Twist of Fate utility skill, so you can stay still when using dagger 3 or chose to move if you want so.

Dual dagger assassin type character with poisons is one of the most classic archetypes and Im sure there are lot of people who would like to play it, yet I never see it played, there are so many fights in end game pve it just wont work in; if there are any ledges or any other reason you cant jump around, if the boss has bigger hit box you will jump inside it and next start jumping random directions. I think just this one small change would make the whole build fully viable in so many encounters.

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Posted (edited)

i'd be happy with that change,

i would generally like to see most of the forced movement melee skills changed

i'm not talking about leaps and things, they are useful, i'm talking about the skills which you use in melee and they have a little movement baked in.

(like Death Blossom which you mentioned and others like Flanking Strike and Stalker's Strike)

the movements don't offer any benefit and a lot of the time just end up being a disadvantage (like you said with ledges and things)

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