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  1. i was engaging in hyperbole, but every time i think about crafting a legendary it is never just as simple as grinding mats, there will always be something like Gift of Exploration (requires core map completion), Provisioner Tokens (daily timegated), Hydrocatalytic Reagent (requires Research notes [crafting]) to name a few. i'd rather just have simple ingredients listed, even if they go into the thousands, no more "complete this, do that".
  2. i only wish there was a more streamlined way of getting it with fewer requirements, like i don't mind something requiring 20 [x] to craft, but its annoying if you check and [x] is only available from a vendor after completing the game 100% and then time-gated to 1 per week, or something silly like that.
  3. so don't pick one! 😄 i have over 30 characters now, and each time i log in i play a different one, it keeps it fresh, going to the end of the character list to see which ones i haven't played in awhile and taking them out for the dailies! 🙂 also i get what your saying about thief having low HP, but they're oddly one of the easiest classes to make immortal in PVE/Story thanks to having quite a few damage=healing things. stack Signet of Malice, Invigorating Precision and Relic of Zakiros and thief becomes nigh unkillable! 😄
  4. but as i've said a few times already, no other weapon needs to do all of that. with mace/mace you can do your full DPS as unleashed ranger and if you want to CC...you just use the skill, you don't need to press the skill and then switch stances within 0.1s mid swing with quickness up and then switch back when you've finished that attack. i love the theme of hammers, but honestly i'm not seeing any reason to use them over maces which give you more damage, same CC and you can just use the skills.
  5. but the thing is you aren't forced to do that with any other weapon, with double mace you get to keep your CCs in Unleashed mode, you don't have to either sacrifice damage to get CC or sacrifice CC to get damage, you get to keep both. it is only Hammer, the very weapon that was made for Unleashed which needs to sacrifice either CC or DPS. i haven't seen another untamed using hammer but i see plenty of mace/mace unleashed because its simply better not being forced to swap swap swap every time you want to use your cc skill. my solution would be to take the "unleashed" versions away from hammer for all specs except unleashed and then add the CCs to the unleashed versions of 3 and 5, so they will simply be better versions of the original skills, so when the ranger is unleashed they have better skills and when the pet is unleashed the pet has stronger skills. not the untamed pet skills, you can set them to auto cast their standard pet skills, but when the pet is "untamed" they won't use the skills unless you make them. (kinda the opposite of the meaning of "untamed".)
  6. but thats just needlessly complex when you could simply have your CC skills all of the time. but if you're in pvp/open world/wvw you're probably gonna want to stick with the CC skills, so it'd be better if you could just switch the skills over like all other rangers, and before doing raids/world bosses you can switch to the pure damage ones. instead if you want to go untamed for ambush and more damage you lose your CC skills. it'd be so much nicer if you could just keep your CC skills while untamed.
  7. i don't want too, but its the only way to use hammer as a hammer (knockdowns, dazes) when specced into Unleashed. i'd like to be able to stay as unleashed ranger and choose which skills to use like every other ranger spec can do. but the spec that the hammer was made for forces you to lose all of your CCs when unleashed, so i'll begrudgingly take the 25% damage hit if it lets me keep the GOOD versions of 3 and 5!
  8. which is crazy, why can i choose to use the better hammer skills in every spec apart from the one that Hammer was made for?! the only saving grace would have been if the unleashed variants had different cooldowns, then it might have been worthwhile to swap between unleashed and normal, but nope, they share cooldowns, and the "unleashed" variants give you a full bar of skills that do more stuff against disabled enemies but you have no disables... its like a sad joke, "here is a bunch of skills that do more damage to disabled enemies, oh and btw we're removing the disables from your skills." it seems far better to never be unleashed so you can actually use the traits/sigils/skills that benefit from spamming CCs. but then you don't get to use the ambush skills, so you're getting screwed whatever you do, unleash and you lose your CCs, don't unleash and you lose your ambush. they literally replace your pet skills, you might not want to use them on auto cast, but i see no reason why we can't choose to, i would certainly like to.
  9. so i've been playing Soulbeast with a hammer for awhile and having fun, but today i figured i'd try the elite spec that was made for the hammer, Unleashed! and what i discovered was that everything works exactly how it shouldn't... firstly this spec is all about disabling foes and yet when the ranger is Unleashed none of your hammer skills can disable foes, FANTASTIC. 🫤 a perfect example is Enhancing Impact which grants quickness when you disable a foe, but only in Unleashed mode, which takes all of your Hammer CCs away, so quickness on CC but only when you have no CCs on your hammer... i had enjoyed using hammer as soulbeast being able to select which version of the skill i wanted to use (obviously keeping the CC skills), but when using the hammer in the spec it was designed for you somehow have less control over what it does, great... but ok, so i'll play with my pet unleashed instead, and then i discover that unleashed pets can't auto cast their pet skills. an "unleashed!" pet must be told precisely what to do!? 😩 and then i also discovered that ambush skills are unavailable when your pet is unleashed. (i'm using "Let Loose" and 2 hammers) 😠 wonderful. any chance that Unleashed will get another pass to just make things actually work? Let us use "Let Loose" ambush skills when our pet is unleashed, let us set our pet skills to auto cast when our pet is unleashed, let us use the better version of the hammer skills when the ranger is unleashed. (or add CC to the Unleashed versions)
  10. a nice big jump! putting the bunny in bunnythumper XD
  11. yep, its like the flamethrower 2 skill Flame Blast which used to have the same silly manual detonation mechanic. it was later changed to a ground target skill which is massively more useable. guardian pistol 5 should either be a standard target skill which you just shoot at the target and it explodes when it reaches them, or a ground target skill.
  12. i've been trying to get the "long range mage" thing working for a very long time, and recently tried Weaver for the first time, i've never really got into the whole "stance dance" attunement swapping theme of GW2 ele, i much prefer the traditional mage style of being a pyromancer etc. but recently i did try using weaver and discovered my favourite (so far) long range traditional mage build! with mainhand fire and offhand earth you trade Meteor Shower for what is essentially another lava font on a 15s cooldown, its pretty cool! and also glyph of storms now has a 20s cooldown so you can use it a lot more! the ultimate buff for ranged eles would be to allow us to cast tempest overcharges as ranged skills!
  13. thats understandable, like i said for me I see it as simply being a win, but other people have different takes, which is totally valid. and it seems like everyone commenting here is against the change, so its all good 😉
  14. you'd have plenty of energy to use chaos and chaotic release, you wouldn't need to use any of the other skills first 🙂 chances are if you left the facets passively on when you left glint it is because you want those boons, and when you switch back to glint you'll probably be wanting those boons again. or maybe you switched because your health was low and needed to heal (which you can do faster if the passive was already active) or maybe use the CC as you said (which you could do faster if the passive was already active) or apply condies with elemental blast (which you can do faster if it was already active.)
  15. i feel more-often-than-not that would be good though right? if you had fury, might, swiftness and regen passive when you left glint, chances are when you switch back you will want to continue (probably for the quickness from Elevated Compassion) but in the off-chance that you didn't want to use them perhaps you wanted to use the heal? congratulations! the skill is already active and ready to go! i feel like having all of the skills turned off automatically as they currently are is far less useful, but hey it seems like a fair few people here disagree, so nevermind 😉
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