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  1. they need to undo the feb 2020 junk, and that is just for a start. in that patch they nerfed all cc skills down to 10dmg and promised that we'd be seeing them go over and balance them all at a later time. but that never happened, weapons like warrior hammer (which noone ever used anyway) were nerfed when they didn't need it. all because some CC skills on other classes were dealing too much dmg. rather than nerfing the cc skills which needed damage nerfs they nerfed every damaging cc... it wasn't nerf bat, it was nerf nuke, with no thought or concern about
  2. i'd honestly be happy if they reverted every nerf thats ever been done. bunker builds would be super bunkery, burst builds would be super bursty and the build diversity would increase sevenfold!
  3. there will be the first glorious few weeks of chaos, before everything except bunkers gets nerfed to the ground. but after that the boring condibunker meta continues.
  4. most annoying thing is when 9 players pick a good map like foefire or forest and one guy picks something awful like s%%twatch and everyone ends up on s%%twatch. it should be a majority vote so we don't end up on annoying maps just because one guy picked it.
  5. but you know what anet will do, they'll nerf the claws into the ground without doing anything to the rest of the (pretty useless) kit, pretty much ruining another ult. they don't know how to balance by giving and taking.
  6. revert the feb 2020 nerfs. that'd be a great step in the right direction! but i think it'd take way more than one change to fix all of the mistakes that Anet have made 😛
  7. imho before feb 2020 it was good, bunkers were bunkery, zerker builds had big damage, each class had a ton of builds that worked.
  8. yeah "one condi per 10 seconds per minion" when you have 5+ minions is really: "passively transfer a condition from yourself to your enemy every 2 seconds." if people are actually trying to defend this passive BS then there is no hope for balance.
  9. but it is also on a class with a lot of easy access to roots and a few knockdowns not saying i agree with the nerf calling, just saying, ranger has ways to land stuff like this easily 🙂
  10. necros in general are just brainless and annoying, but yeah MMs are probably the most braindead of the bunch. don't dare play a condi build against them or you'll kill yourself because the minions will just transfer everything right back to you. playing a power build? well a mountain of toughness on the MM has that covered too. turret engi got nerfed out of existence because there was too much PVE crutching in PVP, yet MM just gets left alone, we queue for pvp and end up fighting an army of NPCs... (and i'm not just talking about the bots)
  11. to be expected, since Anet randomly decided to make hammer absolutely useless in feb 2020!
  12. my favourite thing about FA was defending the walls as a longbow ranger! unfortunately the "height=range" mechanic wasn't carried over from GW1 to GW2. it was awesome being high on the walls and feeling like a true sniper, firing down on the silly turtle lovers!
  13. yes pls, i really want to make my warrior look like Red Sonja!
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