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  1. i'd like all of the skills to be explosive AoE, like firing grenades 😄(obviously this would be instead of piercing.) the projectile could be the same one used for Explosive Shell, but the aoe wouldn't be a cone behind the target, it'd be an AoE explosion around the target.
  2. yups, i like the slow attacks but the damage needs to match it (and currently doesn't!)
  3. Hey folks! i have an alt who I've modeled after Tinkerbell, I've been having a ton of fun with her, i use the miniature tonic permanently so she can be tiny (like Tinkerbell!) and i love flapping around with her fairy wings, so i thought it'd be even more fun if i use the jade bot Gliding Boost to allow her to fly longer, but i was jumping off ledges and gliding trying to get it to work and wondering why my utility bar wasn't changing, i then tried gliding without the tonic and the Glide Boost appears! so it would seem that when you're shrunk (or enlarged with the embiggening tonic) your utility bar doesn't update! any chance of a fix? i know this understandably won't be high on your priority list though 😉
  4. i like the slower skills they make the weapon feel big and powerful, the only problem is that the numbers aren't there to back it up.
  5. ideas, suggestions and QoL changes all get chucked in that gigantic 388 page trashcan. it really makes you want to spend time typing out a long and thought-out thread knowing it will simply get merged into the heap and buried.
  6. long overdue QoL change: make opening chests take priority over mesmer portals when hitting interact... enough of the trolls! 😡
  7. i know what they were referring to, it was just a faulty analogy. 😉 also i wasn't asking for free boosts, i was wanting to trade hundreds of tomes for them which would be a massive QoL improvement, shaving an hour or two of "work" to get a lv 80 ready to play (as it currently is if you level with tomes) using tomes to level to 80 just seems so archaic now that we have a system in place to get you to 80 and ready to go in a few clicks. so it would make sense that we have some way to convert tomes into the more modernized level-up process.
  8. but both of those metaphors don't really work. GW2 is the 12 year old car and i'm not asking for a new game. 😉 i do, over SEVEN HUNDRED of them, and i've leveled 5-6 characters using them, but recently i've used my 3-4 Level 80 boosts and man, it is just such a better experience. which is why i think there should be a way to convert the Tomes into a boost, even if it takes 200 of them i'd still gladly do it for the quality of life and the hour or two it saves, but £20? hell naw, the boosts are on "sale" now, but they're still £17 which is waaay more than a QoL time-saver should be priced. i recently preorded the Tombraider 1, 2 and 3 remasters and all 3 games came to around the same price as a single lv80 boost. 🤔
  9. hey gang! today is a quick suggestion, i think it would be GREAT if we had more access to lv 80 boosts. the game has been out almost 12 years now, i'm guessing most people are max level and have been for awhile, the thought of making a new character with nothing unlocked like waypoints etc makes alting quite daunting and a bit of a chore (if you use tomes to level up for example you need to click through 79 level up rewards that you don't even care about!) 😱 but then we have these wonderful lv80 boosts that come with the expansions, a few clicks and your new alt is lv 80 and ready to go! complete with waypoints to start the expansions, decent sized bags, gathering tools and a full set of exotic celestial gear, it really is the perfect start for an alt! the only problem is that once you've used the ones that came with the expansion, if you want to play other alts at 80 they SO EXPENSIVE, around £20 here in the UK! 😵 so my suggestion is to make a way of getting these lv 80 boosts, perhaps a vendor who trades looooots of tomes of knowledge for them? like a whole 250 stack per boost?
  10. ele caaaan be absolutly incredible, but you have to be playing it like that sherlock meme. a normal player who isn't keeping track of 20 skill cooldowns and knowing when to swap between them will just do better on a different class. its part of why i want the next elite spec to do away with the element swapping and just let us focus on using one skill bar like a normal class. no longer will you need to be constantly thinking about what is on cooldown, you can just choose to be a fire mage and just spam your fire spells.
  11. while i disagree that the rechargeable one is useless, i certainly wouldn't say no to a shorter recharge. 😄
  12. totally agree the launch should be 0, knockbacks can be annoying, not just for you but anyone you're around. i'd definetly run it in my "smash everything" zerker hammer build if it didn't knock things away 🙂
  13. so i see this is where requests go, could we get a dragon skin for gryphon? and before anyone is like "but then it would look too much like skyscale!" so? we already have manticore skins for skyscale which make it look a bit gryphon-like, and the world is still spinning! 😄
  14. ditto, i was running it in a celestial hybrid build without torch, the passive effect was great, 4 stacks of aoe burning every 10 seconds, now it only offers a bit of burn duration, a massive nerf to anyone not permanent torch. there was a period of time when Anet were heading in the right direction by opening up weapon specific traits to offer something to other weapons, this change is just such a huge step backwards. and for Anet to tell us that this change makes the trait less dependent on torch is just a slap in the face.
  15. yep, such a bad change for anyone not permanently running a torch, but hey, but this is an Anet patch, this is how they make a trait "less dependent on always having a torch equipped" make it do absolutely nothing unless you're running torch while making perma-torch the way to go. i am your driving safety instructor, here is your blind fold so you won't crash. 😑
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