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How big (MHz) is today's download?

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11 minutes ago, Joseph.6578 said:

Sorry, typo.   Meant Mbytes,  not Mhz.      Too late to edit original.


For me it were about 880MB (one audio language i think) 

I forgot to check the number of files at the start, think it were about 30k files.

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TY.  That's good enough for what I need.   I did a 12 minute timing of a partial download and got that same range for a total which rounded to a Gig.  

I was on my traveling bandwith which has a 40GB monthly limit and running 3 downloads will kill 2+ days of use.    I'll stop at McDonalds or some such and use their wifi, which is is really good at most places.   I'll be downloaded before the reset, methinks and preserve the portable bandwidth while early in this trip to the remote world.    

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Yes, I know.   Was traveling,  in a hurry,  shouldn't have even been checking  on the download anyway, etc, etc.  and the character still had 5 hours left on a Writ of Mindlessness,  so I couldn't grab the handle.   

Still,  it worked out.

Good seeing you again. 

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