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Inner Nayos Metas

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1. Various Fangs that Gnash bugs; either stalls or skips events for progress. I've seen Frode stall, or I've seen him introduce the Help Kryptis event, and then the event doesn't happen, and frode continues as though the event succeeds, even though the event never occurred. (Though this may be a temporary bandaid when Frode stalls?)

2. Into the Spider,s Lair tracker does not work. It's always stuck on "Zakiros is vulnerable." EDIT: before the meta begins, before the pre-req other 2 metas are completed

3. Into the Spider's Lair stalls during the lane event. When two groups go down the stairs on either side of the tower, when they fight the boss in the basement before Eparch, one boss sometimes stalls during the invulnerability phase, blocking progress, preventing the actual Eparch fight.

4. Since all 3 metas are required for progress, shouldn't all 3 metas be tracked across the entire map? To specify,  the meta trackers should show for the player regardless of map location, to keep track of the final meta (since the first 2 are pre-reqs for the final meta.)

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1. They made it so Frode can't get stuck/stall/fail those buggy events until a hotfix goes in today. I think Ruby made a post about it somewhere here.

2. I've only seen the UI tracker get stuck when the event itself is stalled. The handful of maps I've successfully done Spider's Lair on showed the tracker changing with progress.

3. Yeah, those bugs are major issues and huge annoyances.

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i accidentally left out an important detail of the final meta tracker... it's stuck with those words while waiting for the other two metas to be completed. it should say something about the shiled being up, or that the other two metas need to be completed, or something other than " Zakiros is vulnerable " which is obviously not true

edited the OP

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