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  1. so make a support ticket... if you earned it you earned it... and maybe their bug algorithm bugged out and took it away when it shouldn't have... there's been times in the past where it messed up and removed points from HoM linked accounts before. just file a support ticket.
  2. you can file a support ticket without having to log in. just click on the "support" word at the top of the page, (above the big "2", between forum and wiki) and then click on the Support ticket button. then give them the required info and wait for an email. they'll ask you about your account... like CD key, names of characters on the account, email address, as part of the support ticket. it's possible that someone got into your account somehow from a different than normal location as well, so i'd personally recommend that you set up 2 factor authentication. either using your email address
  3. power staff tempest is still my main, but in WvW i'll try a lot. been zerging with a power virtuoso, reaper, vindicator, condi renegade, occasional scrapper, weaver, soulbeast, willbender, dragonhunter, or mechanist.
  4. i honestly didn't forget, i just didn't want to train everyone in a different game. i know my examples were incomplete. i was responding to a comment about how a warrior only had access to certain weapons in GW1. when in fact they had access to all weapons. the power level of those weapons is really a much more specific attribute to the game that i thought was irrelevant to the clarification. but to add to that clarification. yes every weapon had a "required attribute level" in order to do "full" autoattack damage. If you didn't meet the requirement, you could still equip the weapon, but
  5. i think a clarification may in order. in GW1, all classes could equip all weapons, but only certain classes had skills for certain weapons. equipping the weapon meant you had access to the autoattack (which the autoattack was not a skill), but to use the skills for that weapon, you had to also spec the appropriate class as your secondary profession. for example, a warrior could equip a staff, but only use it for autoattacks, while that same warrior could equip a sword, and use skills designed specifically for sword. those warrior sword skills would only work if the warrior cur
  6. i kinda never tagged in WvW because of my old PC that had crash issues: it would just randomly shutoff several times during a 2-3 hour play session. the new PC doesn't have that problem, but i rarely need to tag up because i run with guildmates pretty much all the time. whether it's a pre-daily-reset guild, the 3-4 times a week, after reset guild, or the Aussie time slot-folks i run with. a lot of times, nobody tags and we just have fun. sometimes i run in 40+ squads, sometimes in a small group of 2 or 3.
  7. guild missions 1) WvW missions, like supply caravans and capture camp, still require 3 players when they're completable by 1, while PvE missions require only 1 when it recommends 15. the request is to remove the required players requirement in WvW missions for consistency. 2) PvE missions stale, with practically no new missions since the feature launched (with 2-3 world events being the only new addition). there could be more Jumping Puzzles and world events added. there are bounties in PoF that could be added, mount races could be added, new maps could be added int he core region th
  8. it's funny how you can get credit toward the achievement for escorting yaks by simply escorting the yak for mere seconds, but to gain participation, you must actually get credit for the event, which requires escort for maybe half of the route. participation also rewards 2 minutes on the participation bar. and yes, it would be nice if the other veterans counted toward the veteran daily. there's at least 6 on desert, but only the south 3 count. at least they said they're working on the next round of reward improvements...
  9. i stopped playing PvP because i got stuck in 3 v 5 or 4v 5 all the time. and i still lost rank because 1 or 2 players would do only enough at spawn to prevent being kicked out of the game for not doing anything. and therefore prevented the game from triggering the code to make me not lose rank. as long as crap like that exists, i don't care if this game mode suddenly disappears and never returns. The other main reason is having to sit in Q for 20-30 minutes between every match... way back in seasons 1,2 &3... i'll admit, i originally thought that removing team Q would help, but
  10. this is one of the reasons i quit sPvP mode. 3v5s are absolutely no fun when you lose rank because you're on the 3 side because 2 poeple rage AFK before anyone scores 100 points. Especially when it happens 8 out of 10 times,
  11. 1) since the last update, on desert BL in WvW.... the map sometimes glitches out and shows 4 map tiles copied of inner fire keep, and those extra 3 tiles cover up the actual map of places in outer fire keep and even the shrines. 2) sometimes i minimize the game to look stuff up on the wiki. whenever i do this, it seems to overwhelm the game coding like it's having memory leaks, until all of a sudden it crashes, and then when i enter the game again, it's a slideshow at 1fps or slower. after several times of this, i had to restart the computer. (it sucks because it's the first time i
  12. when taken in context of WvW.... yeah, fire staff doesn't seem so fine... it struggles against t0 camps... it doesn't feel near as good as dagger virtuoso (i'm saying that staff fire ele is a lot worse than dagger virtuoso as a long range damage dealer, not that dagger virtuoso is good. that's a debate for other threads, only that it feels a lot better in the same role.) i did tend to forget that fire staff is also like the CC in air and earth. you have to choose to be hit by fire AoE's (there's 3, lava font, burning retreat, and metoer shower) and all three are very easy to avoid. projectile
  13. i don't think there's enough open water for fishing spots in HoT maps, but i could be mistaken. there's fishing pools in the guild halls (lost precipice and gilded hollow), but the places that maybe might have fishing pools in the proper maps would be limited to : verdant brink (i think there's no standing water) auric basin (there's a pool on the NE area that you visit during the north pre-meta events.) tangled depths (there's a few entrances to the underground water tunnels) dragon's stand (if it's shallow water, if i'm thinking right, is the poison area near the f
  14. my comments on staff are probably well known by now, but i'll try not to just repeat myself. here's the new brainstorm: fire seems fine to me air has too much CC that is too easily avoided, plus one skill that only gives swiftness. i'd personally try to retheme / combine air 3 + 4 to a point blank AoE knockback + swiftness, change air 5 to give it a guaranteed hit on target, and then add another damage skill to fill in the new hole after combining 3+4. water is decent for support, with 2 water fields and an ice field. i'm not sure what i'd change, maybe add a core trait t
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