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AFK bot farmers ruining map metas.

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Please do something about this Anet, I need metas in Istan for Vision achievements, and they keep failing because the map fills and only a few people are humans. I found a group of bot farmers bunched together in the Modri Caverns, clearly using macros (auto attacks constantly going off, all toons targeting the same mobs as soon as they spawn). They all had a mech, turrets, or pets just farming Ibogas. This is unacceptable behavior and needs to be dealt with. I reported each one for botting, but most likely, nothing will happen from the reports.

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There's two things to note here. I think everyone agrees they need dealing with, but Anet are ambivalent to them.

The biggest thing to note is that they have existed for many years in Istan and despite their prevalance, do not affect the two metas being completed. I just finished an alt's run in Istan to get my Astral weapons done and I was doing both metas daily for about 2 months throiugh the winter-spring despite the caverns being full of bots.

I would suggest the below things;

- Taxi into a map if you are having issues with population. The bots aren't affecting it because neither event requires large numbers anymore

- Don't just report via the in game tool. Screenshot them with their name and send via a ticket direct to Anet. I very much doubt anything will be done because it so prevalanet and has been for many years, but it might help

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As long as they can respond to PMs from support/devs or whoever, they are fine. They may be doing something else on the pc and just farming there. Check LFG for different map.

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