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[QUESTION] Elementalist leveling Build


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I recently started messing around with GW2 again… after being away since the first few months the game was out. Since then, of course, they reworked stuff and locked in a bunch of things on my character’s builds that I find… well, sub-optimal. My Elementalist was the worst off, but still has some hero points saved up so he’s not hopeless.

I’m looking for a solid SOLO leveling PvE build You don’t need to get ultra-detailed… I’d be happy with:Utility 1: XUtility 2: YUtility 3: ZUtility 4: UWeapon Set 1: AWeapon Set 2: BValuable traits i should focus on

Any more info is appreciated, but the above would at least give me a running start…Thanks in advance for any info!

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Meta event bosses build and overall open world:Glyph healSignet of fire - more critsGlyph of storms - more dps or aoe blind when needed

For the 3rd utility either:-Feel the burn (if you have fury on auras and are lazy like me to do fire blasts for fury)-Ice bow (more dps)-Lesser elemental (to tank HP or other bosses on earth, along with the elite one)

Elite rebound or elemental for tanking stuff.

Weapon staff.

Probably among the most damaging, self buffing build you can get. Great in meta events, not that good in close combat against powerful enemies.

Open world trash monsters build:Signet healSignet of fireArcane BlastArcane Wave

Elite elemental

Weapon scepter / anything

Fun to run around with. Any non vet monster will die immediately to a mix of 2-3 skills plus the arcanes.

All of these run air and fire.

First one runs tempest, and 111 in air plus pyromancer's puissance, second one runs arcane instead of tempest and 322 in air plus persisting flames.

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Since OP is asking for a leveling build, I don't think tempest is an option.For utilities I would recommend:

  • Lesser elemental: Takes some aggro off yourself and helps defeat veterans without much trouble.
  • Glyph of storms: If you cast this while attuned to earth, you get a blind-pulsing field. Enemies within this field are basically unable to hit you except with some aoe attacks.

For a heal skill I know many people who like the heal signet. It's completely passive heal, so 1 less button for you to press. Personally I prefer arcane wave. If you're surrounded by enemies (which is the only situation where you really need a heal skill) it heals by an insane amount. Also it's a blast finisher and it's always fun to play around with combo fields.

Try every weapon there is. I can't really recommend a weapon to you. They're all good. Back in my leveling days you would have to use a weapon to unlock its skills. Even with that mechanic gone you should still try out every weapon and find the one that suits you.

Stat-wise I recommend going for damage. Power, Precision and Ferocity: Get equipment with these stats with Power being most important, then Precision and finally Ferocity. Though if you get a higher level piece of equipment with different stats, that's good too. Higher level is more important than correct stats. Especially for the weapon.

In PvE the most important trait lines are fire and earth. Once you've got them maxed, go for water or arcane. Arcane only really shines if you switch elements often and work with many buffs. Water works best if you stay full-life most of the time.

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Bunji gave a lot of good advice. I can second Glyph of Storms in Earth as a defensive measure, it works quite well in core Tyria. And the Earth Elementals as well (I prefer the Elite myself).

I often take Lightning flash for moving around quicker and for getting out of the way of dangerous attacks. I use it most with Staff so that I can reposition without interrupting Meteor storm. Arcane shield is good for emergencies as well. If you find mobs aren't a threat you may consider a more offensive option like Signet of Fire for the precision.

For Heal you have a lot of options. My current favourite has been the Glyph because in Water it provides regen for more total healing and in Air it provides Swiftness for moving around. If you're using Staff, Arcane brilliance has a blast finisher which can be used in Static field for aoe Swiftness. (Swiftness uptime is a big focus for me in a leveling build because a lot of my time is spent running around doing map completion, if you feel otherwise you can totally ignore it).

Traits are tricky because I think they often depend on which weapon you want to use. Fire is usually a good start though. GM traits can be swapped around to provide more offense or defense through blinds on burn.

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Summary: A Power build for burst damage will be more effective than Condi while leveling. Don't bother with Precision until you can get Assassin gear and take advantage of the power-precision-ferocity trinity. The armor, rune, weapon, and sigil info can be used for any leveling power build, regardless of class.

Armor Stats: Mighty (1-20), Vigorous (20-64), and Assassin (60-80).Armor Runes (1-38): Brawler (x2), Warrior (x2), Adventurer (x2)Armor Runes (39-59): Warrior (x4), Adventurer (x2)Armor Runes (60-80): Strength (x6)

Weapon Stats: Mighty (1-20), Vigorous (20-64), and Assassin (52-80).Weapon Sigils (1-38): Minor Bloodlust & Minor MomentumWeapon Sigils (39-59): Major Bloodlust & Major Restoration/MomentumWeapon Sigils (60-80): Superior Accuracy & Superior Strength

Heal: Glyph of Elemental HarmonyUtility 1: Conjure Lighning HammerUtility 2: Conjure Frost BowUtility 3: Signet of Air (1-70), then Signet of Fire (71-80, only with Assassin gear)Elite: Conjure Fiery Greatsword

Specialization 1 (21-80): Fire (2-1-2)Specialization 2 (45-80): Water (2-3-3)Specialization 3 (71-80): Air (3-1-1)

Alternative Utilities: Pets can be very effective for soloing and are easier to use well. You can replace one Utility Conjure with Glyph of Lesser Elemental and the Elite with Glyph of Elementals. This will be more useful as you get Exotic weapons, which will make Conjures less beneficial. Also, you might consider dropping the remaining Conjure for Glyph of Storms.

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