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Old guild remade :) and recruiting social players willing to engage Raids Teaching, Missions, Events


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Hello guys what you should know about me i lead a guild of 500 people on gw2 for 2 years then i got bored and decided to stop for a year. now i want to remake the old guild but i have a vision of how it should be, first of all it will be a social guild with discord being mandatory if you cant use voice communication dont apply, second i dont want players just to have them if you join make sure to apply for events be they raid training or missions or whatever.

On topic of raids i started raids a bit latter with some friends and have been constantly raiding for about 2 years now and i can teach you pretty much any boss and am willing to, but you should know when i say teach i dont mean carry i will not teach players who cant play at least competently.

Other then that guild is max level and has all buffs - a small extra.

I am open to communication and you can talk to me on discord if you have any questions

https://discord.gg/XcbKmdz - also make sure to read discord rules before applying.

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