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  1. My guess is we will throw a dagger at the target, and if it hits we can teleport to the target, kinda like that ele dagger skill.
  2. I think Mantras would be more fun if instead of making them work like every other skill with charges, you make it so that you regain all charges after a duration, that way it kinda keeps with the "charging up" theme without making you hard cast them.
  3. I tried playing druid and honestly even generating CA is stupid, you are forced into passive ticks of healing to get anything done.forced to get dolyak/regeneration/renewal to actually get it really limits the options I find running any form of AoE regen also fixes the Avatar juice problem, I remember running more into the nerfed CD than anything.
  4. I’ve been MiA a while but from what I’ve seen it seems more like the other side node classes lost a ton of self sustain, where Druid lost less, which allows them to duke it out and eventually win the fight. Also all the CC and condi cleanse sure as hell doesn’t hurt.
  5. Personally I love the lore of Druids in GW, they’re based pretty heavily on OG Druid themes and all of that. However the elite spec missed the Mark a lot of the time, but I see where their head was at and like the general “direction” it fell flat in execution. GW2 Druid has a duality thing going on with it that I really wish they would’ve embraced further, all of our Glyphs in normal form are all offensive and aggressive and the animations are tied to terrestrial Magic/elemental magic. EX: Alignment Roots/earth spikes shoot up and CC and damage, Enpowerment I believe is fire/wind swirls around
  6. I run druid almost exclusively, but that's because the general playstyle is fun, and i find it's better to just pick up the bad players and carry them on my back with heals and buffs, than to try to make up for their damage and support when they die.
  7. I enjoyed it overall, I’m still not entirely sure how the tidal chain thing is supposed to function, but it’s fun and I really liked the setting and environment of it!!! Just curious though is there a CM for it? I didn’t really look around for one, but noticed it had its own vendor tab?
  8. Any update on if the voices are in or not? I've been waiting to play through the story until i know they're all in.
  9. So I heard that some of the later seasons didn't have voice acting due to the Pandemic, but they'd be updated at a later date, and was just wondering if anyone can confirm/deny this? And if it is true, up to what point does the LW have voice acting? I'm kinda holding off on playing until it's all voiced atm, but if that's not going to happen then there's no point in waiting. EDIT: Just realized i posted this in the wrong forum thread.
  10. Honestly i think it'd be fine if LW2 was tied to the purchase of HoT and LW3 was tied to the purchase of PoF, the other ones can stay as is atm. That way people buying the expansions essentially get the content leading up to the expansion(s). Fortunately the game is so dirt cheap atm that i don't think it's too big of a deal if new players buy the LW updates since they're like, what? $10-20 a season or so? Or like $80 total since Season 1 is still lost to time. which isn't too much of a price for most MMOs, FF14 is $80 + sub, and WoW is like $70 + sub or so? And that's assuming you're not su
  11. I gotta say, the colossal amount of quality of life in GW2 makes every other MMO feel like a pain in the ass lol.
  12. I had assumed they would have just tied the LW1 missions straight into the NPC that gives the recap, so new players can at the very least get a short little lore blurb and then do a few missions so they can see where Destiny's Orphans all came from. Hopefully they change it to not be exclusively from the scrying pool.
  13. This is basically a nerf for a trait that was already not so good, can't you guys make it works like transfusion and the pet pulls and tries to revive up to 5 downed players? Yeah I was excited to see how our trait got reworked only to see it’s just getting nerfed...
  14. The only thing SLB can’t benefit from in beastmode atm is swapping pets, passive buffs to pets affect the Slb, and the traits that trigger on the pets F2 skill trigger on “beast skills” which include Worldly Impact and the rest of those abilities. So no, you’re not sacrificing anything.
  15. @Swagger.1459 gets it, I was actually very happy they used star magic due to the relevance in historical Druidism, they even have bits of the spirit magic via the whisp stuff. Granted I do wish they would’ve had some more plant based things, but thematically I like how they did it.
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