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Proposal for IH replacement


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Hi! I was thinking. Many have hit upon the idea of making Infinite Horizon baseline for Mirage. Many others have observed the anti-synergy between clone-ambush, phantasms, and shatter. So here are a couple of concepts for a replacement:

Shatters work just as they do now unless you have any phantasms in play. If there are any phantasms in play, shatter will destroy only the phantasms and leave all clones in play. It will also replace 1 shattered phantasm with a clone. If any phantasms are shattered while there is at least one clone in play, it produces the maximum 3-illusion effect even if you only have 2 illusions in play.

I designed the concept this way so that you couldn't just pop out single phantasms and shatter them immediately for even more ridiculous burst than we already have. However, the option to summon a clone, summon a phantasm, and shatter will improve burst damage capability somewhat. In sustained damage scenarios, I expect the fact that it will remove the phantasm and replace it with a clone should make it more viable to use phantasms and shatters as part of a clone ambush rotation.

What are your thoughts? This is just an idea I came up with on the fly, so I'm sure there are angles I'm not thinking of.

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