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Desert Highlands Loading Screen Causing Freezes

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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:X T D -- I wanted to ask if you'd tried lower your graphic settings. It's a test I've seen others try, and doing so could be informative.

I think I found a potential cause. I think there is an incompatibility issue with Vertical Sync and Refresh Rate. Last night I noticed that I had Vertical Sync turned off, my refresh rate is set at 60hz in game. When I tried to turn on Vertical Sync, it would cause the same total computer freeze up that I would experience during those loading screens.

In my Graphics Control Panel (Radeon), I had the option 'Wait for Vertical Refresh' set to 'Enhanced Sync'. I changed this to 'Off, unless Application Specifies. Then I was able to safely turn on Vertical Sync in game. Everything seems to be running smoother and faster now. Refresh rate in game is unchanged.

I cant say for sure if this was the problem, but I will update if it happens again.

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