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When you think your a backstab thief on your warrior


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Its fun to run Sword and Dagger, I agree. I build a bit differently though,

I run Dagger/Dagger and Sword Shield for the setup that the Dagger 3 and Shield 4 give. To capitalize the most on damage the setup interrupt is really important, esp on the dagger. I also run Sun and Moon style to make the Dagger 4 land more reliably (after landing the Dagger 3) and round everything out with Sigil of Severance for a nice little damage spike on the tail end.

The Dagger 3/4 combo can be brutal when you are built for it and many are not prepared for it. 10k hits easy, nothing like downing a teef in two hits.

Its so satisfying.

With Sword on the second weapon set I have another nice burst with Sword 3 and being able to go through both bursts on the same target can be really effective.

So I skip Greatsword, and build for the Dagger 3/4 combo specifically.

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sneakytails.5629Yea I’ve tried different combos with offhand dagger, but I just like how with sword, after dag 4 it procs heightened focus for the final thrust with quickness and swap to gs for another quick burst also if they’re still alive

Hitman.5839I did say this build was just for fun, but even with a stunbreak, if ur running the stats I’m running, if u can land a dag 4 if they’re not using a skill, it can still do alot of damage. Realistically also, it’s so easy to just catch people off guard to bulls charge them and use 1 skill after to insta down them

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