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LW4 and Mount Abilities

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I was thinking about how much I love to use the gliding combat abilities in Bloodstone Fen (and still do 3-4 of the dailies there, just because I like flying around the upper right side of that place and using flying abilities on UG and Hab) and was thinking it would be neat to have abilities we can purchase for mounts and use in the zone that map to your 1-5, much like the gliding abilities were for that zone. 1 is still the dismount, but maybe a shared 2-3 (maybe 2 is something that would work auto?) for all mounts and custom 4-5 depending on the mount? Maybe one mount has a single target CC, another an area CC. DoTs, HoTs. Just thinking out loud. I think it would be fun to have some sort of mount related LW4 zone like Bloodstone Fen gave to gliding.

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