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Suggestion: Slightly reduce cooldown of balanced stance


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The balance patch on November 7 cut the durations of both berserker stance and balanced stance in half. However, while berserker stance also had its cooldown reduced by half to compensate, balanced stance retained its original 40 second cooldown and instead gained an additional effect that makes its user immune to critical hits. Although this secondary effect is useful, the fact remains that 4 seconds of stability on a 40 second cooldown is often insufficient given the amount of cc currently available in the game. Furthermore, the stance trait last stand is currently bugged such that it will proc even if the user already has stability, and the stability/crit immunity given by that trait doesn't stack duration with the utility version of balanced stance (which is actually fine in my opinion).

Therefore, I suggest that balanced stance have its cooldown adjusted to 35 seconds in order to improve its usefulness as a primary stunbreak for builds not running last stand. Note that this proposal only applies to the active version of the skill; the trait version is usually taken along with another stunbreak (e.g. endure pain) and thus doesn't really need changing, although it probably shouldn't proc when the player already has stability.

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My only issue is that it really edges out Dolyak Signet, as even with traited signets, Dolyak Signet's active is really subpar in this era. 10 stacks of stab doesn't mean anything when a scourge can dump it into fear, and using it removes your defense boost (however slight).

Balanced Stance pulses stability (safer except against spammy corrupts/strip), and has the critical negation which is far superior to dolyak signet even if it only lasts 4 seconds.

Dunno how to really fix this situation. Personally I'd prefer if dolyak signet had a cooldown more in line with Stand Your Ground (30 base, 24 traited). Then add a stance rework, stances grant passives after activating them once the stronger effect ends. Only 1 passive stance may be active at a time (unlike signets which are all always active until you use them).

Balanced Stance: Negate critical hits, pulsing stab for 4 seconds. Enter Balanced Stance, critical hits do 33% less damage to you and grant you 1 adrenaline.Frenzy: Gain Quickness, Might, and Fury for 4 seconds. Enter Frenzied Stance, granting 25% action speed.Endure Pain: Negate power damage for 4 seconds. Enter Enduring Stance, which heals you slightly whenever you gain adrenaline.Berserker Stance: Pulsing resistance and adrenaline for 4 seconds. Enter Beserker Stance, which reduces the duration of incoming conditions by 33% and grants 1 adrenaline whenever afflicted with them.Defiant Stance: Damage turned into healing for 3 seconds. Enter Defiant Stance, which grants you 1 stack of adrenal health (the defense trait) every 10 seconds.

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