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Y'know, I've come to the conclusion that core Warrior is the most fun...


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... way to play the class.

Strength for Death From Above and Berserker's Power, Defense for (among other things) Adrenal Health and Discipline for all the utlity it provides in terms of weapon swap and Burst skills.

Use utilities such as Bull's Charge and Stomp to trigger the damage bonus from Death, switch between weapons and use Bursts to keep your Adrenal Health/Berserker's Power at max stacks.

I'm using this build with Hammer (cuz I recently made the Juggernaut, a dream I've had since launch pretty much) and a random Greatsword. Switching between the two in order to fire off a Greatsword Burst once in a while to keep Fury up before smashing faces with the Hammer again.

Combine all the various movement skills you have across this set (Hammer F1, Bull, Stomp, GS 3 and 4 and so on) it just feels very _Warriorish _to leap all around the battlefield. Much, much more fun than the meta Sword/Longbow Berserker build which just stands around pretty much stationary and just waits between ranged pewpew Burst skils.

If only this way to play the class was viable in terms of end-game PvE. One can dream.

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