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Thief Weapons


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I'm pretty new to the game (started about a month ago) and I finally turned 80 on my thief.I was wondering what's the best weapon choice for pve and if possible a rotation as well.I've done d/d , d/p, and staff for a bit but idk which is the best choice for damage.

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For power, berserker's daredevil with staff (AA+weakening charge+bounding dodge) is your best for PVE, with core backstab D/D a bit behind it.

For Condi, viper's daredevil with D/D (death blossom spam+venoms+lotus dodge) is the build to go with.

The condi version has the higher dps potential, but that is reliant on teammates for venomshare and has the rampup of applying conditions. The power version is easier to use and works just fine for any level of content. Plus it's better (imo) at more casual content thanks to the instant damage of power where things would die before condi takes off, and has access to tons of healing from Invigorating precision.

You can go to snowcrows.com and metabattle.com (use the 100 rated pve builds) for rotation info. Snowcrows is more direct and to the point while metabattle goes into more detail and explanation plus gives you the alternate options for situations other than sitting on a target dummy with full group buffs. I suggest taking in information from both sources, it should cover all basic info you need.
And I think it's worth noting that unlike other classes that have weapons to swap between and rotating through all your big CDs, thief dps is more resource-management focused. Even moreso as daredevil, where the "rotation" is all about managing your initiative and endurance bars to keep either one from capping.

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