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  1. They already added a completely guaranteed method to acquire an unlimited amount if you have the materials, that uses coins, ectos, obsidian shards, and spirit shards.
  2. Op claimed that there weren’t different options to acquire clovers and was forced to do reward tracks if they don’t want to use the mystic forge. And my original statement was that there’s multiple ways to craft them and that there’s multiple different ways to purchase them as well… you’re trying to knit pick that their aren’t multiple ways to craft them… and now you’re changing your reasoning and your statement when I proved you wrong… the OP and you are crying over a non issue
  3. There are two different mystic forge recipes…. Two is multiple…
  4. Not only that but you can purchase an unlimited amount for the same cost as mystic forge in the Wizards tower, if you have the materials.
  5. There are two recipes, not guaranteed but both available, and you can purchase them from multiple different vendors, multiple of ways to acquire them.
  6. You can literally just purchase Mystic Clovers and craft them in a multitude of ways or get them by other means…
  7. The lore for the past 12 years was about the Elder Dragons and the Elder Dragon Cycle, all the Elder Dragons, existed during that time… it’s been clearly stated how many and the names of all of them minus Soo Won’s name not being known… also the reason Aurene’s Legendaries won’t get new variants going forward is because she absorbed all the Dragon magic, and the variants use the essence of the dragon magic to change them…. Theres no more Elder Dragons besides Aurene… so no more variants.
  8. Power Reaper isn’t doing 49k dps… you might want to get your information right if you want to try to calling things out for being problematic
  9. Oh no a player did 70k* dps with all those AoE hits… maybe if it was single target it may be relevant to being op lol 😂
  10. Nice try but I’m running around in zerker Reaper because it’s the only true way to play. but again I’m not the one making posts calling for nerfs left and right to every class I lose to unlike some people do. It’s a common trend for those that don’t try to improve themselves and would rather whine and get sympathy from other people of like mind and skill set to try and get things nerfed.
  11. I mean if the shoe fits lol 😂 also I don’t play willbender in WvW, and most players over inflate their own skills in games it’s quite prevalent actually and they cry more often than not for nerfs to make themselves feel better, especially when you see the same names repeatedly crying for nerfs on any class they aren’t actively playing.
  12. Some people don’t seem to realize the majority of players aren’t that good at pvp and will complain about whatever kills them, and with some people that make posts on constantly nerfing things you can see it’s a habit/trend to go to the forums and complain instead of trying to improve.
  13. I just want the option to disable all of the legendary effects from other people, weapons are fine but the accessories are too much. They need to give the option to disable those from showing on other players.
  14. It’s another accessory slot from the screen shot they provide it sits on its own next to the rings, Relics don’t get slotted into any gear so no extraction device required.
  15. I log in and hop on whatever open tag there is that’s fighting. So yeah… have yet to be kicked from the zergs for playing whatever class/build I happen to be on that day
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