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[suggestion] unique aoe markers

Stand The Wall.6987

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so after reading the thread about scourges dropping fps, as well as experiencing it myself, I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion to hopefully solve the problem. ive got some ideas that might jive with yall so here goes:

each class gets a unique color for their aoes, as well as their unique class symbol somewhere in it (either in the middle or on the sides).the highest dps fields are on top.maybe even have two total dps numbers displayed in the middle of an aoe spam: one for power and one for condi. this could be a floater or be 2d on the ground. might cause lag tho which would be ironic. another indicator which would be very useful would to have a boons removed per second.

anywho that's it for now I guess. got an idea? share!

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