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  1. the majority of the time a zerg is on lord, it wins. so i think this change will be positive, just gotta keep on eye on the lord heal numbers
  2. well classic zerging has always been around but the modern boonball thing didn't start until HoT when anet decided to abandon their design philosophy and made dedicated supports
  3. there are still plenty of ways to get alac and quick. i bet wb will be main alac and chrono stays on quick
  4. why do you keep on nerfing null field? its useless now. most other changes look fine
  5. if you don't think you're the problem, if you think you can't improve anymore, if you don't want to improve or put too much effort into it. these are all baddie qualities
  6. ppl are still complaining about this? lol i remember this exact thread popping up everywhere during core days
  7. correct me if i'm wrong but i believe vindicator is the current rev support meta build. its also the one i like to play the most cuz of how bursty it is
  8. the fact that there are numerous badly designed classes is indicative of a larger problem. insta los burst ports are a part of that. extreme mobility is another part. broken sustain is another. its not just a few class design choices, its a choice to design the game that way
  9. the one thing making wr tolerable for me was the promise of alliances. as thats gone, i don't see wr being any better than what we have now
  10. long time gw2 main finally realizing gw2 combat design is actually pretty bad
  11. its cuz all their melee aoe is way too small
  12. We've also reworked the Radiant Fire trait to be less dependent on always having a torch equipped to make room for condition builds to swap between off-hand torches and pistols. Radiant Fire: This trait no longer grants Zealot's Flame when critically striking an enemy, and instead it grants an additional ammunition to Zealot's Flame. This trait also causes Zealot's Flame to inflict additional burning to enemies in PvE only. your stated intentions and the change itself contradict each other
  13. you're right but ppl are so meta brained in just about every game now. they can't think for themselves so they rely on someone else to tell them whats good
  14. you're in luck flamer engi is the easiest zerg dps and is still good
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