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  1. idk. i want every spec to have a build, other then that i don't get too involved in forums anymore. my hope died a while ago, took a while tho embarrassed to say.
  2. Man VS Shark (get rotated idiot meme) #shorts - YouTube i proffer this for your consideration
  3. if you think the mantra nerf is apocalyptic you're probably not very good at playing guard.
  4. why are a lot of these changes pve only for the love of god cmon.
  5. tempest exists so mech will never be meta.
  6. cuz a high damage unblockable auto attack would be too strong? how is this hard to understand.
  7. i hope they keep water auto low damage but make it unblockable so staff heals in wvw get a boost. would be cool to give 1 skill in every attunement 2 ammo, honestly staff needs this big of a boost.
  8. the correct answer is this, the 5k armor bossman. you can get a potion of karka toughness instead of a sharpening stone for another 150 tough. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKgAEJlNwwYiMKGJe0X6taA-zVQYWSF7C+E04sUxZEA-w
  9. if you're gonna repeatedly link my thread at least come up with something original or make a good point.
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