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  1. if they introduce negatives to balance out strong traits/ skills, then its gotta be ~4:1 in favor of positive or something like that. even then people will feel like they're playing a bad class or making a bad choice cuz nothing else in this game is like this. if all grandmaster traits were like this from the beginning (of trait rework) then it would be fine. but yeah trade off imo is just good at one thing not good at another and meh at the third. not positive + negative choices everywhere.
  2. doesn't make sense to put trade offs in traits, no one is going to choose those. just have them built in to the profession mechanic.
  3. what is necromantic corruption? edit oh nvm the mm trait
  4. they don't know how/ don't have the resources
  5. every time i hear this word i want it to be a condition so i can apply it to people in game. i don't know why. if it was a condi, what would it do?
  6. plot twist: the bot team won. thats nuts tho, haven't seen anything like that before.
  7. i feel betrayed but then again i am listening to this so its ok Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden - Theme (Space Jam) - YouTube
  8. we keep on doing the same thing over and over again every day. are we bots?
  9. hopefully it works out. wvw was my jam for a while and its great to see it get some love
  10. well the people who want to play competitively wouldn't have to deal with bots or match manipulation. as long as theres gold to grind in the new unranked there will be bots tho ofc.
  11. so there is an idea floating around that started with trevor. get rid of ranked, move all monetary rewards to unranked, and move all prestige rewards to ATs and have those run as often as possible. do you think that would work?
  12. this is great man, i liked that aspect of random arena. brings back sweet memories of me being bad lol
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