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  1. i had this idea a while ago, you get 3k stats to allocate however you want. problem is, there are too many problematic stat combos. tough + vital with either heal/ condi and all combos therein for starters, with plenty of other ones according to whatever build you're going for. there is also the issue of how damage plays out in this game in association with the various class mechanics: condi bombs and massive kiting/ stealthing will never be balanced, massive ranged damage and lots of mobility will never be balanced, insane melee burst with tons of hard mitigation will never be balanced etc et
  2. aegis is much worse lol cuz its more likely it will be wasted if fighting more then 1 person. blinds don't suffer this drawback.
  3. everyone says warrior but everyone wants war buffs loller. power creep doesn't exist!
  4. also force 1st person pov, no one wants to zerg in the chaos plane of polygons. problem solved.
  5. you don't increase diversity by decreasing diversity, thats quite nonsensical. caps on condis/ boons should exist, maybe even gear, but this is all theory for another game. the difference between caps and less gear choices i hope is apparent.
  6. they don't want these muthatruckin drakes on this muthatruckin plane
  7. pets should be able to do something, its a kittenin class mechanic people. its not a utility bar ai. most of the pet skills have high cds, and most other profession mechanics are way more oppressive. get over it.
  8. i did see a valk ranger in the most recent mat i believe, no idea how it did tho. pretty sure it won most of its side nodes and died team fights or something like that.
  9. why do i keep on hearing this? theres shield bash and bulls charge, if using tactics then the immob on cripple trait. spellbreaker has 2 ccs in its trait tree. axe + gs burst are must dodges on a short cd. any competent warrior should be able to burn thru defensive cds pretty fast. is this not the case somehow? if so then i don't think the problem is on wars side.
  10. i think the biggest problem with builds like these is the high ranged damage and high mobility. those are always going to be problematic combos. also can the combo still stack a lot of might? not sure after the nerfs. thats probably the easiest fix, that and the borken damage modifiers.
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