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  1. if anet made aoe require los to do damage so many people would get mad. sure would make taking stuff a lot harder and fuel the siege wars that only 10% of the population actually enjoys.
  2. not just for sanities sake. cuz adding another 9 specializations into an already bad balance state will make your job 1000% harder.
  3. if you can master necro minion control then you have ascended. imagine having a ranger pet that does whatever it wants with no attack or recall buttons lol.
  4. ele still has way more to offer the group then ranger.
  5. yo maybe they bringin back jade quarry + fort aspenwood. that would be awesome.
  6. pistol makes no sense... necro needs more melee weapons.
  7. looks like mesmer has a wvw aoe damage spec, mucho coolio
  8. sounds like a mobile arrow cart, a joke i made a while ago.
  9. its a joke between anet devs that pvp is a focus of theirs, i've heard it a couple times watching their dumb conferences
  10. Necromancer Wail of Doom: The legendary warhorn Howler now displays its unique visual casting effect with this skill. Locust Swarm: The legendary warhorn Howler now displays its unique visual casting effect with this skill. yo this is how we get changes from now on, just claim there is a problem with a skin!
  11. only the undisciplined can't appreciate inferior quality, like new worlds alpha running animation that locks into place
  12. space and siege mechanics are the problems with the current objective design imo. if the map was corridor like and the objectives remained the same, there would be constant action and people wouldn't have to spend most of their time looking for it during off hours. if the map was the same but the objectives weren't walled and too numerous, then zergs wouldn't be necessary to take objectives and siege wars wouldn't ensue which is just as much a waste of time as trying to find a fight. walled, numerous, spread out objectives that rely on siege and supply is bad design for a wvw type mode imo.
  13. objective/ map design. in gw2, if there is proper defense or even a little bit of resistance you need many more times the numbers on the offensive side. this encourages zerging, which encourages defensive siege monkeys, and the game shifts from a massive 60v60 war to a 5v5 siege battle. total garbage. they should've kept the open objective format like in the battlefield series or most any game with capture the objective type gameplay. with how wvw is designed, most of the time either the zerg plows through the objective or the objective is too well defended to attempt to take, mean
  14. wow what a great thing to say to a new player.
  15. as yes, the 600 range and perfect z axis movement. i remember getting hit with it in pvp on khylo mid when the holo was on the first floor and i was on the second.
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