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my little weapon skill buff wishlist

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elestaffwater aa gives bonus healing to targets below 50%water 5 effects 10 targetsscepteraa's hit 3 pplwater 2 1/4 dazeearth 2 half duration double toughnessfire 2 shorter cast timefocuswater 4 aoe knockbackair 5 shorter knockdown shorter cdwarhorn.#4+5 10 sec cd reductswordearth aa chain replace cripple with weakness

warhammarcore burst 50% faster anim (ation)

guardhammar.#2 450 range.#3+4 1/2 sec castgreatsword.#3 900 range

revstaff.#2 2nd activation 5e (energy).#5 15 cdshortbow.#3+5 faster animshield.#5 15e 20cd

engisword.#2 1 sec cripple per hit

necrogreatsword.#2 hits spread out over time (like guard gs #2, except all the strikes actually hit outside of ginormous target hitbox).#3 900 range leap.#4+5 5sec cd reduct

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