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The Princess and the Scourge: the history of Spellbreakers and Scourge from 785 BE-1330 AE

Daniel Handler.4816

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Not only are professions not an in-game mechanic, our world has retconned more profession lore than ANET is physically capable. The only difference is historians call it discontinuity rather than assuming a creator is lazily rewriting our society.

A small history lesson of one of our retcon. Meet https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambroise_Paré

  • the world retconned Paré twice. First when his dual status was destroyed (interestingly also within 250 years) Second when the words describing his profession were altered. As the father of modern surgery, chief surgeon to Kings, polymath, and pioneer falls ridiculously short of modern standards. He was not a physician or internist, and many of his theories on medicine are laughably false.

Here is my attempt to create a timeline for the Scourge/SpellbreakerNote: This is a theoretical interpretation of events on the Timeline. (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Timeline/) You are free to critique it, but do not presume I, you, or anyone other than the writers have the objective truth.Remember, our calendar also marks a divine exodus 2000+ years ago

Here is theTldr;

  • Joko/Talkhora are the last champions of Abbadon/Kormir. And have been converting/inspiring more followers using eternal Dervish Forms of the Aggression/Denial bloodstone.
  • Scourge and Spellbreaker are only possible because the unbound magic Kormir released at her Ascension is now bound, neutralized and integrated into the Ley-line system.
  • Joko was a Primeval King whom the Sunspears killed and erased from history. Now he returns the favor, out of ego and to prevent them from ending his existence.

Timeline:785 BE

  • Humans rediscover Mist rituals- soul-based physical techniques that channel forces beyond the Dragon Cycle.

115 BE

  • Dwayna in a desire to end violence begins rewarding devotion with Bloodstone magic. And corrupting a select view into Bloodstone avatars.

48 BE

  • Grenth, Balthazar, and Melandru begin rewarding devotion with Bloodstone magic. And corrupting a select view into Bloodstone avatars.

45 BE

  • Lyssa begins rewarding devotion with Bloodstone magic. And corrupting a select view into Bloodstone avatars.

45-1 BE

  • Abbadon in jealously reveals to his followers, the Maronites, the Gods have been selectively siphoning from the Bloodstone to gain devotion and only the avatars were truly blessed.
  • Forgotten beginning killing Margonites to prevent humanity from tampering with the Bloodstone.

1 BE

  • Abbadon callously unseals the Bloodstone in an attempt reveal the Five's ruse and boost his own ego, angering the Forgotten.
  • The increase in magic within the environment prompts the rediscovery of arcanism and wizardry, and begins the decline of pure Mist rituals. Arcanists use Tyrian rituals instead of Mist rituals. Wizards are a subtype of arcanism that use more mental than physical techniques.
  • Sacrilegious mortals start becoming just as strong as the Five's devoted followers.
  • Abbadon begins creating Divine avatars that are stronger than the Bloodstone avatars of the Five.

0 AE

  • The Gods work with the Forgotten to reseal and split the Bloodstone to prevent bloodshed, the loss of ego, and the hastening of the Dragon Cycle.
  • Bloodstone magic is divided into schools that allow the original devotees of the Five to excel.
  • Abbadon cannot handle this blow to his ego and goes to war with the other Gods and the Forgotten.
  • Abbadon is struck down in Elona at the Temple of the Six Gods
  • The Gods use Divine magic to rift him, his avatars, and the temple out of existence into the Realm of Torment. Then they destroy all records of him they can find, including all information on Divine magic.
  • They establish the city of Morah in the Desolation to watch over the entrance to rift.
  • The Five leave Tyria.

0- 454 AE

  • The techniques behind Mist rituals are brought into the various schools and the trade ceases to exist in its original form.
  • an unknown Primeval King, later known as Palawa Joko is killed, mummified, and buried in the Traitor's Tomb by Sunspears on Istan.

455 AE

  • an unknown Istani person activates the Apocrypha way before Abbadon is ready and is immediately slaughtered.
    • Undead on Istan begin rising from their graves which the Apocrypha tries to hide by activating the Scarab Plague.
    • Joko escapes his tomb and goes to retrieve find his belongings in Jokanur. Which is either the area he was named for, the area named after him, or they means similar things in Istani
    • Joko finds then reads the Apocrypha and his Undead Form is hidden.
    • Joko is rescued from the island by the Sunspears.
    • After the Apocrypha is sufficiently within ruins, and all life/undeath on Istan is torn apart, the monolith ends the Scarab Plague and returns to dormancy.

583-640 AE

  • Under the residual influence of the Apocrypha (RIA for short), Joko begin a mindless pilgrimage to the ritual locations for Nightfall.
  • A wandering Elonian priest enters the Crystal Desert, attempts Ascension too close to the Desolation, and is influenced by Abbadon.
  • The priest find out they can temporarily transform into Bloodstone Forms and believes the Five are considering them for avatar status.
  • A secret tradition begins of unknowingly bringing others into Abbaddon's service.
  • By the time Joko reaches Morah, RIA in trying to make a Margonite champion has made a Lich, aka Reaper of Abbadon, aka the eternal Dervish Aggression Form
  • RIA deactivates, revealing Joko's true form and returning his will.
  • Joko believes Grenth has blessed him like Desmina to take revenge on those who scorned him.
  • Joko begins using avatar magic to bless the dead.

825 AE

  • Mad King Thorn is killed, and his spirit is bound from return.

825-860 AE

  • Joko learns of the Mad King's fate and begins testing the strength of his Form.

860 AE

  • Joko is so confident he will never end up like Thorn that he launches a widespread invasion, earning the nickname "Scourge of Vabbi"

862 AE

  • Joko is defeated and his Form successfully prevents him from being slain. However, his Form is sealed.

1075 AE

  • After his other plans failed, Abbadon attempts Nightfall.
  • He sends two Dervishes to the Apocrypha for the power and information to free the Forgotten God.
  • The Order of the Sunspears learns of the plot, kill one of the Dervishes, and pursue the other but are impeded by the Desolation.
  • The Five influence Kormir into freeing Joko so the Sunspears can continue their goal. Joko thanks Grenth and flees into the Desolation to plot his revenge.
  • Kormir/allies reaches Morah, kill the second Dervish, and destroys her unstable Form but fails to stop Nightfall.
  • Kormir/allies enter the rift and beeches the Gods for assistance. For the first time in history, the Five create an angel instead of a bloodstone avatar.
  • The angel Kormir/allies destroy Abaddon and Ascends further into divinity.
  • The demigod Kormir releases excess Divine magic into the environment, stirring Primordius.
  • The demigod Kormir begins rising in divinity and lowering in humanity, by absorbing demonic energy within the realm. The demons flee beyond the Gate of Anguish.
  • The Five respect her authority over her realm but forbid her to return to Tyria.

1075-1078 AE

  • the God Kormir makes angels to bring mortals to slay the remaining demons.
  • Talks between the Gods on how to deal with Primoridus grow increasingly hostile.
  • The Six force each other to withdraw their avatars from Tyria.
  • Kormir discovers Joko is a non-purplish avatar of her predecessor but is unable/unpermitted to withdraw him nor is she allowed to send more angels to Tyria.
  • Kormir participates in the degoding and binding of Balthazar and receives the Paragon domain.
  • The Five leave their realms and order Kormir to do the same.
  • Kormir makes a deal, she will be allowed to stay in her Sanctum till she is ready to leave, but she won't interfere with Tyria.

1078 AE

  • The races begin to share magic and technology.
  • Glint teaches Dwarves how to use unbound Divine magic to become a permanent immortal form.

1078-1335 AE

  • Joko learns of the Dwarves change, connects the dots, and realizes he is an avatar of Abbadon not of Grenth.
  • Joko becomes increasingly paranoid he will be given final death by Kormir or an angel.

1135 AE

  • Joko begins hunting down all Paragons or Dervishes, their friends, and their relatives and blessing them into silence. The talented are taught how the bless others and are called the Mordant Crescent, aka Dead Dervish.
  • Joko attempts to bless Tahlkora into silence, but Kormir breaks her vow and intervenes, to the horror of Joko and the Five.
  • Joko, unable to undo Kormir, removes part of Tahlkhora's Divine spark and leaves her stranded from the rest of world.
  • The original Dervish tradition, and the secrets of Awakening, are now gone from the world. Or so Joko thinks.
  • Kormir makes Tahlkora into a Muse of Kormir, aka eternal Denial Form.
  • Tahlkhora has no idea what she is but recognizes Kormir gave her telepathy. She begins calling out to her allies.
  • Kormir creates a method for mortals to reach the Sanctum and learn how to kill Joko/undo his rewriting of history.
  • The Five give their final order, this time an ultimatum. Kormir may stay in her Sanctum, but if she ever uses or teaches magic within the Mists she will suffer Balthazar's fate.
  • Kormir sadly relents and destroys all texts with the Sanctum that hint at Joko's true nature

1135-1325 AE

  • Abbadons excess in the environment has been successfully integrated by the ley line or absorbed by Joko/Tahlkhora. Avatar based arcanism and wizardry become possible.
  • All over the world people discover they can temporarily transform themselves into various types of Forms.
  • The Death Shroud and Lich Form techniques are created by Aggression Wizards known as necromancers.

1326 AE

  • Mortals kill an Elder Dragon


  • Joko learns a seemingly external Elder Dragon of Undeath is killed by mortals and believes Kormir might be interfering.
  • Tahlkora reaches the point she can inspire mediating Sunspears into rediscovering the Denial wind techniques.
  • Sunspears begin to use Dervish techniques to rip enchantment and influence the wind, calling themselves Spellbreakers
  • Joko hears about Sunspears and, completely unfamiliar with Tahlkhora's Form, becomes convinced Kormir is plotting to kill him.
  • Joko begins collecting Necromancers talented in the modern Aggression Form and training them in rudimentary Dervish techniques to test their ability to become Mordant Crescent.
  • Some of Joko's students flee and use his teaching to rediscover Aggression Earth techniques, calling themselves Scourge.
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