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[Update] Belcher's Bluff Signature Moves (Still) Broken [Crossposting from Reddit]

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As we all know, the signature moves for Belcher's Bluff are still broken, lo! at least a year since reported. It's been on the Curated Issue Tracker for nearly that long:

Achievements: Players are unable to unlock signature moves in Belcher's Bluff, thus blocking the achievement "You've Got the Moves" (Status: Investigating)

Today, ANet Ben posted this explanation on Reddit:

We are aware of this one. I'll give you guys some background. This is one of the most complicated things that a dev made, and that dev has since left the company. This bug has passed through several skilled designers so far and so far the consensus has been that it's confusing and complicated and may not be fixable without rebuilding the minigame. As of today, this bug is now sitting on my plate, under a pile of other bugs. I will admit it is not high on my priority list right now so I can't tell you when, or if, it will be fixed. If it isn't fixed though, I'm the one you get to yell at :)

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