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What else for a completionist?


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So I am a huge completionist and I have found many things to do so far, but I was wondering if there are any other things that could fulfill my collecting/completing needs.

What I like to do so far

  1. Complete all maps(vistas, quests, areas, etc)
  2. Collect all appearances
  3. Collect all ranger pets
  4. Do all jumping puzzles
  5. Collect all minions(sadly most of these cost real money...)
  6. Level all crafting classes to max(spread among multiple characters of course)
  7. Get all classes to max(currently have 7 characters, need to get 2 more expansion slots)

So, anything else fun for completionists that do not cost real money?

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Other than costing gems for more character slots, there's each race's personal story that has several different options. You'd need 30 characters to do every single story path for every race.

To play through all of the mission options, as the primary on each mission, requires 30 characters.

These thirty have to play through the chapter II missions.Fifteen must play through chapter III.Ten must play through chapter V.Six must play through chapter VI.Three must play through until the last mission prior to Against the Corruption, in chapter VIII.Two must play through the two missions after that one.And, one must play through the end of the storyline
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Maybe you already know this but you should realize that if you recently started playing you might not be able to obtain everything.Some skins (and mini's) were only available for a limited time and are not tradeable so they cannot be obtained anymore.Some of the ranger pets are linked to guild wars 1 and require unlocking in that game.

You can use basicly anything in the hero panel for collections; skins, dyes, outfits, mini's finishers, mail carriers, gliders and mounts.If you have enough storage space you can collect (endless) transformation potions and toys as well.Doing achievements and collecting achievement points will also help as they reward skins and at certain points gems as well.Achievements will also point to other collections you could go for, there is even a special collections tab.

The game isn't all about collecting stuff though so don't forget to have fun and collect some names for your friends list ;)

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