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LF Condi mirage build


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Hey all,

I have been away from the game for a while 'cause of school and work. I didn't catch up with the latest patches and such, so I was hoping for the community to help me out here.My first character and profession was the mesmer, because it is such a unique playstyle compared other RPG's who only had a simple mage or something. Ever since I played mesmer I enjoyed the conditioning build. But now in my absence, I was wondering what is the strongest condition damage build for a mirage lately? I prefer to use a torch, I like scepter too but it seems lackluster.

Could someone help me out with a niche build, containing at least a torch?

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions.

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@AliamRationem.5172 said:You didn't mention which game mode. However, you're in luck! I just put up a thread called Open World Domination: Mirage last night with a link to a Condi build that is fantastic for open world but can easily be adapted to any game mode.

You can view a video of the build in action there along with tons more videos on my channel!

I have no idea how to edit my previous post, but I was hoping for a PVE build. I surely will have a look in that topic.

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