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Quality of Life change, Hero Panel etc..!


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My very simple suggestion to the developers would be to implement a way to "tag" what tab you want the Hero Panel (and all other panels) to open up in. If I'm trying different trait setups or feel the need to change one trait really fast before combat, it should open up "Build" immediately. And likewise for the remaining tabs.. Currently, this "memory" of last opened tab only works for the WvWvW and PvP panels, and the Hero Equipment subpanels. It would be a great QoL change to have for the other panels! When opening up the inventory, one should be able to "tag a bag", so that every time you press (I) it centers the inventory view on that bag. A simple "tripleclick" to tag it would suffice.. And seriously, a "memory" of which crafting type tabs (Amulet, Backpack etc..) that I hid the last time I opened that panel. With increasing amounts of recipes the current reset of those tabs gets really annoying, real fast.

And that is all there is to my suggestion really! Any needed graphics could be simple checkboxes for all I care, it's the function I'm after. It would save me the hazzle of constantly having to click my way to the appropriate tab, and save precious time for a trait change when drawing aggro (or encountering a certain profession/build in WvWvW). A simple but valuable change!

I apologize if these changes have already been implemented in a way that eludes me.. If they already exist, please enlighten me on how to use them and feel free to delete this post!

If it doesn't, I would appreciate the above changes ASAP..! Anyone that agrees with me on this?

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Sorry for the "necro", but i find this issue pretty much alive.I may miss something in the options though, seeing the lack of posts on this suggestion, feel free to point it to me.

But after checking the control options and being unable to achieve to open the Hero panel on the tab i want, i'd say please Anet, yes to this post, at least let us set up shortcuts for sub-panels. (or sub-sub panels or at least equipment>equipment one)

It's counter-intuitive and irritating to have to navigate every time to go back to Hero equipments when we checked the wardrobe or the mini or any occasional tab when the equipment one is used the most by far.Kind of weird to have a direct shortcut for novelties (rightclick from the submenu accessed through skill bar) but none for the equipments, not even from our inventory UI. (or i'm missing something again)

It's also funny to have these subpanels saved when we have to re-navigate all achievements again to double check the last one we looked at. I couldn't find how to display both dailies and custom ones at the same time so yes i have to go back check one or the other on a regular basis.

I enjoy the overall consistency of the UI that the current system allows, but more "memory"/shortcuts options wouldn't be a luxury.

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