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[Build] Soulbeast - Celestial Support (PvP)

The V.8759

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Hi guys!I've recently come back to the game after about a year of hiatus. I've immeadiatly started checking out all sorts of builds, and kind of settled with this build. I tought I'dd share it and love to hear your opinions on it!http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQRAof3YnE8C9rgN8Ce8CctgFKBrJA04yZ572ebx1ZyNB6Zn0qbvC-jJxHABiv/QRlBA4oA4/LAAA

RoleWith this build, your role is to mainly focus on teamfighting. You are not a great 1v1'er, as a matter of fact, there is nothing that this build exceeds in. From the other side, there is no clear weakness to this build.

Build explanation

Celestial:Your damage in this build mainly comes from your weapon skills. I average at around 200-300K damage a round, which is not too shabby for a celestial build. You might find it better to switch the torch and dagger around. I prefer the torch and mainhand dagger together for the fire shield and melee range. However, axe offers some projectile finishers giving extra burning.The might generation in this build is also quite nice. Ofcourse you have your elite "strength of the Pack". Besides that, you are often found in teamfights, and a few axe auto's will result in more might.

TankyYou are quite tanky with this build. One of the main factors of that is its great capability of condition removal. With your Brown bear, healing skill and signet, you will be able to relief yourself off all the condition spam. There is also a huge chunck of healing for yourself and for your team. Your Beast skill heals allies every 20s for 2k+. There is also spiritual reprieve that heals for 5K team wide and lastly you will give the bear stance to allies aswell, resulting in 6 conditions removed and healed for up to 3.6K. Other healing for yourself comes from Rugged growth, healing you 381 health each second by having protection. This is where your moa and moa stance helps.

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