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  1. ...as well on top of Stab. huh? This has been addressed. I don't believe you read the numerous rebuttals to your argument. Maybe you learn something from this? /shrug. Probably not as you've already ignored what has been thoroughly explained. props to Soilder.3607 for explaining without malice.
  2. "Rather hard" = almost impossible 😛 You'd have to pull that off being right on the enemy you're attacking right?
  3. Gold 2-3 can be a fair bit of Solid players. It's a loaded division. Everyone in Gold 3 wants Plat and is trying pretty hard.
  4. hey man I bust your chops, but hope your know I'm just f king with ya. I totally get the frustration. Gw2 pvp is the best Ive played in any mmo and Ive played them all. And yet...this is how they treat it. Pretty kitten
  5. I have a tanky ranger that is unkillable (almost..but thats any class). It can Decap points, live, kill, survive 1v2 (for a time) but there is too much CC, Movement, Burst, Etc for it to work. People can rotate far too quickly and kill far too quickly. It just gets rekt by the meta. Its the opposite with Core guard. AFAIK Core Guard hasn't been buffed recently, it just found itself in a very fitting meta. I hope they don't nerf it. I don't even play core guard. Wouldn't that be weird nerfing a class that isn't OP, just because it performs really well in the current meta?
  6. Wanna make a bet moose? You get banned before druids get a nerf 😂
  7. you complain about druids and he complains about win trading and selling titles.. You'd love fighting him 😅
  8. ok I was wrong. To be fair, all the posts, calling out nerfs for so many classes, you sounded like someone who started last week. Sorry not sorry. Gold 3 is pretty competitive. Maybe you reached a elo that is your 'current' skill ceiling.
  9. yeah, I think there are a number of classes/builds that could 1v1 current meta. I got a ranger build I could play right now to give catalyst trouble. But it just doesn't fit ATM. I wish they could balance things a lot closer for most builds to be competitive. We all have builds we currently like. Or builds we loved but have been needed into unplayability. And that just sucks.
  10. Couple things, Thank you. Now I know what is considered up by my opponents. I'll go build around that 😁 You don't play druid. Go try it out if you think it's so OP. Do you think they carry? Not dying in a match doesn't give a druid the win. Spirit of nature has a 120 sec cd and it's a 1.5 sec cast. To take it, I have to forego abilities that help my damage and my survivability. It's a big ask. In a game of not pro players, rezzing them doesn't guarantee wins. Stability helps. "Daze spam". To me it's hard to call it Spam. And what happens after the 1 sec daze? Do you get murdled by a druid? There is a utility that dazes, "Glyph of equality." It's on a 30s cd. When a Druid first goes into Celestial Avatar form. It helps not to insta die as soon as you turn blue. Everyone knows that's when you kill a druid. I'd be happy with stability or an immune. And an aoe daze that can happen once per 20-30secs. Lunar impact Well I wrote all this and yeah there is a fair bit of daze. I'll give you that. I'm sure that can be annoying. I've never got killed through a druid daze. Ever fought a Mesmer? From a druids perspective, and maybe it helps you beat them. When I go into celestial Avatar form, it's like a beacon of light shoots into the sky, everyone sees me and it's time to rek the druid. In that short period of time I'm in form, I'm trying to get off some daze so I don't immediately die, get off some damage or a heal or immediate leave form to get stealth.
  11. Fair enough. I guess I just missed it ...or I didn't think that was much of a nerf at all? I mean...it's not like Druidic clarity Nerf (one full condi clear of 13 getting nerfed down to 3.)
  12. I rarely disagree with you, but when did DH get recently nerfed?
  13. Druid OP... y'all are out of your kitten minds. A few of you cry babies. Waffles lol, I'm surprised you didn't make this post. You been hear salting it up since release. Deadmoose, you're just new and don't know what you're doing
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