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Soulbeast PvP


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I got back into Gw2 after a year off and I've never really played PvP too much in the past. Currently sitting at Gold 2 so I'm not that great but this entire time I have been playing Druid which I'm bored of.

I switched to a LB/GS Soulbeast build that I saw on Metabattle but I am having a hard time with the Soubleast style of play. Should I be weaving in and out of Beastmode or stay in it for the extra stats/survivability? I feel like I don't have enough condi cleanse to fight on point like I did as Druid. Any tips or recommended builds would be great from anyone seeing success.

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Yes, you need to weave in and out, at some point, after playing a while, you'll know when it's better to keep your pet or let it out. By exemple, I unmeld myself of Smokescale after using all its skills, so it can do another Smoke Assault on the target.

I would suggest to use a supportive pet as your back up pet (Owl, Jacaranda or Bear), 2 ferocious pet is not really that needed and don't give you enough utilities or flexibility. As for the utilities, I think using Sic Em is losing an utility slot. Yes, the 40% buff is VERY good, but I prefer to be overly cautious and use other utilities that will keep me alive.

The build is called Sic 'Em Sniper, so it's good at what it does, but you're no Deadeye where you can stealth yourself over and over again, ranger will need more than that to stay alive. Since the build already use WS tree line, why not use Lightning Reflexes and Quickening Zephyr for more condi cleanses and also utilities.

Strength of the Pack is a death sentence in PvP with so many Scourges around. Wouldn't it be better to use the WS elite, Entangle ? It will give you another 2 condition clear and Soulbeast already lacks soft CC like cripple and immobilize.

Then, lots of ranger use Sword/Dagger nowadays for extra dodges, because you're a sitting duck after you used Signet of Stone. GS has evade on third AA, leap evade and also a block. At this point, for me, it's a matter of taste and game style. It's up to you.

Rune of Surging ? Find something else. I mean, you could use Shout utilities instead of Survival, then use Trooper/Soldier rune.

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Hey nEmM. Ideally you want to be weaving in and out. As for condi cleanse I personally run almost full shouts(I take dolyak stance most of the time over protect me) with soldier runes. The idea isn't to be able to handle a massive condi load. But to be able to evade most of the burst and start cleasning off whats locking you down. And using things like dolyak stance to keep teh number of possible conditions down so its easier to cleanse.

You really want to avoid being the focus target when possible. And when you are cleaivng in melee be rolling the weapon evades (gs auto and gs 3) together with gs4 in order to outlast the aoe condis.. While scourge staff marks are unblockable their shade bursts can absolutely be blocked. Which can really help when your in a team fight and you start seeing the flashing red.

Alot of your sustain comes form counter pressure. Keeping the enemy afraid of either you or the pet and keeping htem on the defensive. If you need to disengage you do it FAST. with swoop and/or gazelle charge. OR by smoke assaulting off a distant enemy to get some distance.

http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQJATRnUqA9CiN8CuCCctgFPB7ZFEASYO7tO1gLf0uantlcu0A-jpRWABHfBAI+BAobZgSPCA1eIAAY/BA this is kind of my basic build. Ill swap things to counter specific comps osmetimes. If I need more stunbreaks ill swap guard or sic em for protect me. I swap between marauder and paladins amulet (Id reccomend sticking with paladins once you roll boons correctly and make use of sic em you do more than enough damage MOST of the time.) And I would swap out guard for signet of stone if they have a sword dagger thief. Your gonna need it. Ill also swap to bear stance if they have a DEDICATED condi class ill be fighting. Like a condi theif or something similar.

And finally if I need to 1v1 a druid/spellbreaker or another sustain heavy build ill typically take gazelle and smokescale together. I prefer jaccaranda though for most matchups due to the immob and the massive heal from the f3 as well as the fact that merging boosts the healing of your regen and heal skill.

As far as merging and de-merging goes. Merge when you want to do a personal burst. This will increase your boons especially if you use a pet swap whao combo. Giving you a significant quickness bomb. Make propper use of a maul to boost your damage like enhancing a wordly impact for example.

I would argue against getting into the mindset of one soulbeast build. Soulbeast is super adaptable. And actually requires you to make those adaptations. If you know someone on the other team is running x. Take something to counter it. What I run is just my basic setup. I swap between things pretty regularly.

Another option is instead of shouts like I run going the WK route. This has alot of dedicated sustain and condi clear. Taking things like traited troll unguents (for the aoe slow as well as the double condi clear proc) This is your tanky soulbeast. Less overall burst but more sustain when being focused.

Either way. Hope this helps or atleast gives you ideas. I love soulbeast and I like seeing other people trying it.

Edit: I will say I don't like the sic em sniper build. I feel its over committing to a specific thing. Which on soulbeast is kinda like chopping off one of your arms so the other gets bigger just from overworking. No matter how swole that arm is their is still only one of them.

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Hey, I haven't read Shadelang's post because I've gotta leave for work, but I recommend you watch his Twitch ("Shadelang_" I think). He plays really well and it's nice to see a good Soulbeast in action. However, I would say his usual build probably has a higher skill cap than most because there is less room for forgiveness, so taking something like Signet of Stone would probably be recommended.

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@"nEmM.3076" said:For the begining you can try this build :http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vNAQNAT8XnEqAN8ilsAusAUtglJBLf3+bPuNBgH3EwZyVBycn8g0tC-jpxHQBib/hEeBAAwBBQZHBA6VGghPAAAIt is the strogest one when it comes about survivability. Against power builds you can use Herald Rune instead of Leadership.After you get it use with this build, you can try to change things to go in damage zone instead of survivability.First you can change Leadership/Herald with Scholar, then you can try to change traits line Nature Magic with Skirmishing (1-2-3), but never change Wilderness Survival with anything, is the only must have traits line vs conditions.

My advise is to use those 2 pets, Smokescale and Owl.Smokescale for that time when you want to do damage from both state close combat and range combat. Remember that if you use F3 in beastmode even you are from a range distance you get 4 sec of quickness and 7 sec of Fury. Because of those 4 survival skills you will have all the time Fury. When it comes about long fight, don't use Zephyr, use Wordly Impact instead, and keep Zephyr for break stun and condi remove. I'll not explain now how to fight, because it's up to you and your combat style.

Owl is very important to me when it comes about travel fast on the map for cap and decap, also for disengage and heal. When you are in trouble or vs 2 enemies, change on Owl-beastmode and Sword+Axe, you can keep them busy for minutes if you timing right with F1+Hornet Sting+Serpent's Strike and ofc every time with spam F2.Like I said before I can be almost like a druid with first build I posted and I can do a very good damage due to almost perma fury . Maybe the most important thing, is to not panic and don't use all survival skills for just finish someone.Ofc you can play and other builds like ppl above posted, if you want to be glass cannon.

PS: with build and skills I posted if you take Scholar and Skirmish you can do 15-20 k damage with Whirling Defense and 10-12k with Rapid fire

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Thank you for this detailed post. Looking over the build that you posted, would it not be better to go with unstoppable union vs fresh reinforcement in order to better guarantee burst? Also, with protective ward picked wouldn't you want the condi damage reduction from Second Skin in the soulbeast tree?

I do tend not to be flexible with my builds so I will try to switch things out when necessary. Thanks again and I will follow you on Twitch.

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@nEmM.3076 Unstoppable union is definitely an option. Its more a matter of preference for me. I can usually maintain permanent vigor and fury due to having 3 methods of copying the boons after I generate the initial burst. And I like having fresh reinforment because if I get boon stripped i can merge to get some of those back (unless the pet has been corrupted as well obviously)

As far as second skin goes. I can only find value in those kind of traits in full defensive setups (Which soulbeast can definitely do). Yes its strong. But again I just prefer to augment my offense by keeping my mightstacks around longer. It also increases the duration of things like stabilitly or even my retaliation. Both of which can be life savors.

I will also take invigorating bond quite often. Its just a trait I prefer over the protective ward. Especially when im fighting a class that will just steal/corrupt/strip it. (Thief/Scourge/Spellbreaker, Mesmer).

Your thinking is solid though. Soulbeast is gonna be about picking what works best for you. There are atleast two traits in each tier that are competitive with eachother situation-ally.

And thank you for the follow haha.

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