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  1. Eclipse (Condi) shouldn't compete with Grace of the Land (Alac). Plenty of other professions can give alac and dps at the same time, why is it different for Ranger/Druid ? https://i.imgur.com/DwOm301.png I suggest to swap Grace of the Land to a Major Master. Create a Power DPS trait as GM traits. It will open up builds. Natural Balance should be fusioned with Blood Moon or Eclipse already.
  2. Love this idea ! Lots of you have good ideas for Torch and it wouldn't break the balance at all. Torch 4 could : ammo, bigger radius, blind Torch 5 could : bigger radius, more burning for being a stationary aoe, like the ideas of stability and condition cleanse (all torches have something related to conditions except Ranger's). The weapon is stuck in 2012.
  3. You can camp shortbow on Condi Druid without weapon swap, only learn the rotation in CA and press buttons...
  4. I was playing in fractals and strikes with quickness Untamed and was doing 20k-30k dps. Diviner A/A + Hammer. I was playing the same quickness trait on hybrid condi Untamed in open PvE and topping charts. Viper A/A + A/T
  5. Because all weapons we received are boring and doesn't give anything new. You can replace all the new weapons with something we already have. Mace/Mace is another set of weapons that will bring nothing new. We just had a Hammer... What's the difference with Mace/Mace ? It's just two little hammers. Hammer could be good on Soulbeast and MH Dagger on Condi Druid, that's all I can see for PvE. Staff is in dire need of a rework. It never changed since launch. Why is the Wisp still a projectile ? Why is the Vine line AoE so small ? Why is Sublime Conversion still not a Cone ? Staff Ambush is nice, but that's the only good thing about it for Untamed.
  6. Lmao it was so confusing ! I mean it's ''fine'', but the constant F5ing is annoying AF. Technically, you won't need 100% boon duration. It should be ambush right after weapon swap with higher quickness duration. I don't know why they went with that back and forth thing.
  7. One year and 3 months after EoD, still no significant changes to Untamed. It means ANet will keep Untamed that way, I need to accept this 🥱. I will never understand PvP/WvW buffs not applied to PvE.
  8. Even for PvE. It's exactly what they did. Just by looking at the Wallow, you can clearly see they made it sure that Soulbeast won't be able to use the new pets. They made a conscious decision by making it a Supportive instead of Deadly pet and gave Vampiric Bite instead of Maul.
  9. If they can rework Tomes, they can rework Spirits. Oops, forgot Ranger wasn't ANet favourite child. 🤭
  10. Spirits should be Druid pets and work like Renegade's spirits. Just make it simple, but I guess ANet loves it complicated with the whole HP reduction and all that casting time and button pressings. 🙄
  11. Can't believe Untamed only had one change.
  12. From all your choices, Vindicator is the best at camping GS. You don't even need to swap. It has the easiest rotation for high DPS. Ranged option : What is stopping you switching to Hammer when you need to range ? Condi cleanse : On Jalis Soothing Stone and on Saint Viktor's Alliance Stance Tree Song. Both clear 5 conditions. Survivability : Save GS4 (Imperial Guard) for Block and don't use your dodge twice in a row. Movement speed : Rapid Flow + GS leap and Alliance leap. CC : Use Staff, Jalis chains and Shiro Ulti. Reaver's Rage
  13. Don't worry about that. The post is for discussion and that's what we did. That way we learn new things. I've even though they could buff Quickening Screech (yes yes, the bird pet swiftness skill lmao) to give perma swiftness and bump it to 20 secs. Yes, I am using Rune of Fireworks in PvE, then Lynx or Traveler in sPvP. I just feel that a bruiser spec movement speed shouldn't come from runes but from the traits and skills. None of the Untamed give actually mobility. Yes, Unnatural Traversal exist, but you need a target. It doesn't do anything much beside that. It's also on a long cooldown if you fail to hit a target. Then, you have Mechanist's Shift Signet that does so much... The simplest solution is to just give 25% movement speed with Ferocious Symbiosis. Removing the stacking nonsense. Like, you're lacking movement speed and you need to hit something to get more speed ? What if they are already much faster than you already ? Just such a weird idea.
  14. For a spec that was sold as a bruiser and WvW oriented, why doesn't it has a better trait selection for movement speed ? Ferocious Symbiosis movement speed stacking is just not it. Give it a 25-33% speed boost and call it a day ? Or make Vow of the Untamed give 25% speed boost while Unleashed ?
  15. Soulbeast is in a good position. Power weapons are good. The rest of the specs and condi weapons aren't. No, Untamed reliance only on Fervent Force is problematic. It's still a bad spec.
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