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Suggested Pip and Rating Change

Crab Fear.1624

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  • Lose less rating for games within a closer threshold. Example 415 - 500
  • Increase rating loss dramatically for losses due to score disparity Example 100 - 500
  • Better pips for closer games
  • 1 pip max for greater than 200 point score difference on the losing side, no change for winners
  • reward win streaks
  • punish loss streaks with great score difference


Bottom out throwers and remove rewards for such behavior.Tank out match manipulators quicker.

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I have gotten more pips for a close game of 495/500, I lose less rating when I actually play until the end and not afk, win streaks should not be rewarded as there have been complaints of "win 10m matches, lose 10 matches" over and over on the forums, and don't punish loss streak with a massive difference because the match manipulators are screwing some of us so hard that we'll never get out. The ideas I think should be in already are, and the rest are only going to make things worse as the manipulators are getting paid and don't care about in game rewards.

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I get your idea but it would be complicated to implement. 3 situations :

  • We do win 450-300 on forest, 1 node to 2, we decide to play with no risk and hold our node until the end, and win 500-450 because opponents took our the 2 beasts
  • We do win 320-150 on legacy of foefire, 3 nodes to none. Our opponents rush our lord, match ends on 500-300.
  • We do win the match easily, but play 2 nodes instead of 3 . Match ends on a safe 500-250

In all those situations, the winning team could win in a much higher score gap, but decided to play safely ( this is solo queue). Which shows you could have easily manipulation. I can imagine people asking on foefire to get their lord done to prevent the amount of points lost.

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