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  1. no it dont need buffs, crabs pov Mobility they have, disengage not so much. except trapper DH now, lol
  2. 9/10 reports fail because you are also at fault. Some people believe they are giving honest, fair, and innocent advice, but they have a different scale when measuring etiquette, and also often apply a double standard between given and recieved.
  3. My complaints are not about smoke It's evade into kd is predictable. It's fine, but red ring would be nice anyway
  4. I'll just find the old videos and repost them, I'll try to record again to show that the per does indeed at least sometime spawn on the foe. I wouldn't mention it if it didn't happen. Sometime even spawning mid performing, mid animation of a KD. I am aware of the teleports. The combo with smoke is 99% evade attack into so that is at least predictable.
  5. I'm able to cheese Ranger really well myself. Core axe/x and gs with a drake and smoke are stronk in 1 v 1
  6. This game mode would be far less popular than perceived if made permanent and ranked rewards removed. It is a bot farm Fiesta.
  7. Have a general skill that everyone can slot for these, and make runes specific to other professions that allow them to gain stealth on certain type use. This way, we can stop complaining about thief stealth, and give us a little more ini management relief.
  8. I just got hit through the crates at coliseum, but whatever you say.
  9. Then it must be a bug, because it does spawn on you. I have taken many duels and the pet will often spawn behind me when I am in this range window. More so happens when there is a difference in elevation, but still walkable.
  10. Yes, because hard that is nearly instant without any visual tell is completly fine. So is an invisible pet that spawn on you when the ranger pet swaps to complete said cc. It is even worse when the pets avatar takes time to render so you get false stealth pet while they complete this hard cc. You can shrug away, hopefully you are holding weights while you do it, so it accomplishes something.
  11. One example is wolf knockdown. There needs to be a tell for these kind of kds and also the pulls. Also, on pet swap the pet should spawn by the ranger, not the target. It is not hard to understand.
  12. There is a sigil that boosts damage for being at ranged, there should be one for boost at being in their face.
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