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  1. Give me one season of team only ranked. And you will be....lol
  2. I'm in a pvp guild. I can say in guild chat, who wants to team? Boom, I'll have a team. I already can duo no problem, and teams was easy back when it was an option. I like the unstructured and constant flow of matches in ranked versus the style in ats. You seem to be very interactive, perhaps you can form your own pvp guild with your insights and friendly approach. I'm convinced pvp can only be saved by making ranked teams. I meant that all those other things that were not teams also did not save pvp. But, maybe somethin
  3. That's why there are dashes , means it not part of my response to you.
  4. I'd like to see it. If pro-team is wrong, then I would concede, but I can't speak for others. ------- To complain about the same team always being in top....it is that way with MATs
  5. We are talking about lemons and grapejuice. We have been solo/duo forever...pop didn't grow. New maps...pop didn't grow. New modes, ats....pop didn't grow. It had a massive exodus on removal of teams, killing off the concept of pvp guilds. Also many players left when duo above 1600 was removed.. The evidence is against solo q.... Is GW2 popular or not? If not, then good riddance. BUt, if it is, you can queue from anywhere and go about your daily stuff. Losing
  6. I guess PVE don't care about competition, or cooperative at all. No such thing except..... https://gw2raidleague.com/leaderboard/
  7. I'm guessing with the initial no and no and no, you accidentally posted this in general. That's OK, and I imagine, without reading...you probably got the usual "southsun", or perhaps resources and time developing anything else..... Lol.... I and some others have posted this idea before. So, maybe look at updating southsun survival, changing some of the rules, and moving the queue for it to the mists instead of Lions Arch. This way they won't have to start from ground zero, and it will be visible to more pvp players.
  8. How do (most) players get high end fractals done? How do (most) players get raids done? How are large wvw battles organized? What do you have to have to get through an AT? (See the title) --- The argument against ranked being team based is weak and seems to be based on the idea that it is difficult to find teams in GW2, and no one wants to be bothered with the effort. --- Looking back at the predecessor, the GOAT, GW1 pvp, one can see that the highest levels of pvp required teams, and they were also the most popular. Ev
  9. Like 50% of the time I use the portal to go down into FFA damage free, and I get stuck under the stairs.
  10. What hard counters prot holo? I'll play that. Seems to me if you can hard counter that, what can really stand in your way.
  11. I think you misunderstand. They may not be able to do it all at once, but they have the ability to counter everyone, no one is their hard counter with their options. This is simply not the case for "most" other specializations. But, regardless, a holo can bring a majority of that.
  12. ranger is in a good spot, minus any trapper rune builds. war might need a condi defense tune up thief needs a reduction in smokescreen to 4 secs but also a 3 second cooldown reduction, and repeater needs to be chopped to one use on flip. remove trapper rune scourge should recieve half the benefit of his casts if shades are active weaver needs a bit more lag in evades, suggest vigor be removed or longer cds to evade weapons holo doesnt need any reprieve from overheat, and its punishments must be increased.
  13. I'm a class that is successful in all game modes according to the devs. If I argue that, someone says "in the right hands" I can be deadly, when a necro is deadly in the right "feet". The class above is faster, hits harder, and is tougher than me, but im the warrior? .... now time to rhyme.... My resistance is useless, and nothing was given back....Im susceptible to all condi attack. I like to fight other wars, possible a rev, but the only way I can play is with an alcoholic bev. Side node? Nope that spot is taken.... Support? Who me? No, you must
  14. So, I can find a site immediately that disagrees with your pitch, and its a common theme. https://altarofgaming.com/all-mmos-sorted-by-population-2018/ The article was updated Jan, 2021. Looking at revenue might show which is healthier, but ESO has a steady stream of DLC and expansions, also their pop is split into different platforms as well. They have no boosts. And the world isn't so small. If anything it's just like GW2 in terms of store, not a p2w shop. https://www.newworld.com/en-us/news/articles/in
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