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  1. lol. 1. most of the top 100 on their main accounts actively avoid each other if they are not duo 2. they will actively avoid other duo's. 3. the top players will spam games on alts, for stream and for practice, and for (you know what) 4. they are active in their discord making sure to avoid each other, while staying offline in game. 5. they queue at off hours. 6. the population is small, so games will be wacky due to all of the above. 7. the "Stans"...P1 and below will sometime throw for them, or maybe it's just a bitter has been. 8. the boards have changed since "wintrading" has been greenlit 9. the boards were different on no duo's allowed. 10. the devs have confirmed we have cheaters, and most of us know their names. 11. the confirmations were not for a handful, but quite a lot, even some of our "best" 12. this isn't a conspiracy. 13. scrubs now think they can do it in their lower circles for who knows why lol 14. gatekeeping is real, this is confirmed. 15. top is for money, rwm. 16. team average comes from each player, not the top player in a duo, this is confirmed in the algorithm. what this means is, the lower rated your alt duo buddy is, the lower you can make your team average, and therefor get a lower rated enemy team. again, confirmed in algorithm. 17. groups with some actual skill, some communication, playing on the best classes and taking advantage of this system control who is on the leaderboard. You will see a different leaderboard if they remove duo q from conquest, I have screenshots to show. https://i.imgur.com/UcAPs0H.png only a few of the really best are able to be consistent without this system, and the currents vanished during the no duo q. check out the win-loss ratios.
  2. Only bad thieves use double dagger condi spam. They are often skill click keyboard turners. Intellectually, you should have an advantage. I outlined what to do as a nexro and get a down vote, lmao...must have hit home for someone. Good.
  3. I know that in some cases. I remember the twitch heroic edition giveaway. A wild guess is it was spammed to death for the free upgrades. I can only imagine how much it helped gold farmers and mystic coin hoarders. But, still, by definition and understanding, those are "legit" accounts, so I won't complain. They did the or a process needed to upgrade Still, I would like FTP to be subject to that.
  4. Necro have options yo have lots of ground target skills in their kit. Try to keep out of melee range by moving/kiting/juking. This gi es you an advantage, but if you stand and try to tank it, then you might lose. Look for the chance to use your condi transfer skills if it is condi thief. The evade is not perma, and the chance to send stuff back comes in when the pursue, otherwise they are just hitting air. Attrition will win, and most thieves, MOST, that play this type of build are very bad and can't look up from their skill bar. You can do it.
  5. And there is a crap ton of speed hack users, so casual with it.
  6. I was wondering why is free to play allowed into ranked? I noticed they have so many other limitations across the whole game. Look at PVE, look at WvW and you will see that most of the best functions and activities are gated to upgrading. Then, one of the devs says that conquest is the bread and butter for all of pvp. So, FTP has access to everything to play pvp and learn. Why must they be allowed in ranked? Anything considered prestige and full access should be paid. Make money anet, stop letting trolls and bots ruin your game, literally they are ruining your game. If you want to make money, run your company like a business, and protect the paying customers.
  7. log on as the problem you are facing, go to ffa or play some matches on it
  8. The best duelist for a casual is thief. You can play core and annihalate anyone in your path with dual daggers, if you notice the creation tag, it says deadly in 1 v 1s. If you get tired of playing duelist on thief, you choose daredevil and play decapper and +1 artist, bringing so much value to the team, it's hard to believe we don't have 5 man daredevil ATS. Guess what! If that's not your bag, play deadeye. You are better ranger than a ranger, and if you want a pet bring thieves guild elite. Lastly, if you want to take a break from all of the overpowered elimination of enemies from stealth, outrunning those that want to kill you, and shooting the bad guys from 1500 (ALL CAPITALS) range, then you should consider playing specter. Specter does right what necro did wrong. Also, they displace guardian, holo, rev, ranger, ele, and warrior in every single role. The best part about specter is that they take the first 3 roles of duelist, decapper, and ranger, and then blend it into healer and tank. Look, if you can't absolutely dominate on any thief build you blindly throw together, bud, this game aint for you. But, since I am feeling philanthropic, I'll lend you some advice. Play thief, it is the bestest, most overpowered, spectacular class that takes virtually no skill or IQ of all time. If you can't win on thief, play PVE
  9. Sure, just remove it in conquest if they are not making teams as a separate queue.
  10. No, Thief is not needing a rework. It is its own unique flavor. Less stealth, more revenant. Less Steal, less Thief. Necromancer is a problematic class, because it is super ez and super effective, meaning it will draw in "super players" in super amounts
  11. Freely is a very generous description. You know how much stuff cost? You know that after 2-3 skills everything is not usable? That means because of the economics currently in thief initiative, they use less skills than any class in the game. How? Initiative is global across both weapons, so any skill used affects the pool of both sets, and while you may know this, there are those who are following this conversation that might not. For example, let's imagine thief has full initiative with the max pool. (15) Use a skill a few times. Choose some of the combinations, heartseker is the cheapest at 3, most are 5 or higher. After 2-3 skills, you are tapped out. One this puts everything on cooldown, doesn't matter if you swap weapons. Once you are at zero every skill is on cooldown for the t=initiative cost, and it is at the t=(initiative cost) - (available initiative). After any engagement, every skill is subject to this, every time you want to use a skill. No cooldowns have drawbacks too. Our most piwer skills cost 7 to 8 initiative, so spamming has really been put down into Heartbreakers and dual attacks, but they are a chain, that add up to 6, and so two times in the limit Realize that after a skill has been used 2 -3 times, a thief has very limited escape options for about 6 to 8 seconds before they can do much, and even then it's not a full reset.
  12. Originally, firebrand was busted AF. But, where else should they put the traits into? By itself, steal only teleports with a target, otherwise nothing, and it creates an item depending on who/what the steal targeted. So, with just base steal, it can only work with a target, and even then only gives an item based on the person/thing we steal from. But, arguing with anyone on here trying to say steal is overloaded is just taking troll bait. But, maybe they can give thief more profession skills that don't require a target and buff those. Maybe steal can just steal but we can have a kit that let's us press f skills and decide when those benefits should be applied. Mesmer profession skills should all have a cast tune, same for attunement swaps and guard profession skills, and they should only do 1 thing, not 4 or 5, each being overloaded. This is your logic.
  13. I'd love for necro to be put on initiative capped at 15 just like thief and it woukd global, and fear marks should probably cost 6 to 8 initiative. Please Anet, make this happen. For real, I'm begging you Anet, give necromancer thief initiative system. Considering they have shroud, it should be base 9 just like specter.
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